Regaining Your Body after Weight Loss

Bariatric surgery is growing in popularity among patients who have difficulty losing weight. Weight loss surgery reduces the size of the stomach through gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding, or removing a portion of the stomach. However, these weight loss surgeries often leave patients with large amounts of stretched, sagging skin. Patients who lose upwards of 100lb—whether through bariatric surgery, diet, or exercise—often undergo post-bariatric cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin and recontour the body.

Post-Bariatric Surgery

nurse weighing patientAfter losing fatty tissue, most patients find that their skin lacks the elasticity to shrink to fit their new figures. To maximize the impact of weight loss, Dr. Brantner recommends post-bariatric surgeries to remove excess fat and sagging skin. Common cosmetic surgeries after weight loss include:

  • A “tummy tuck” to remove flabby skin around the stomach and tighten the abs
  • A thigh lift to improve the appearance of saggy inner, outer, and mid thighs
  • Liposuction to contour the thighs
  • A mastopexy to lift and reshape the breasts
  • Upper arm contouring to remove “wings” of excess skin on the upper arm
  • Facial and neck rejuvenation procedures

Dr. Brantner performs minor, in-office surgeries to recontour the face and neck. Tummy tucks and thigh lifts can be preformed simultaneously, as can breast lifts and arm recontouring. These cosmetic surgeries are scheduled in an OR procedure room.

Insurance Coverage of Post-Bariatric Surgery

Because weight loss surgery is often a medical necessity, insurance companies may cover post-bariatric procedure expenses. If the breasts are large enough to cause back pain or other health concerns, some insurance companies will pay for breast reduction surgery. When excess abdominal skin forms an apron over the lower stomach, causing rashes or ulcers, insurance might pay for the surgery. As the government changes the healthcare system, insurance coverage of these procedures is expected to decline. If you’re in need of post-bariatric surgery, schedule a consultation today.

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What to Consider Before Scheduling Your Breast Augmentation

Women choose breast augmentation surgery for a number of reasons, each personal and unique to the patient. Breast implants enhance the look and shape of the breasts, giving patients a fuller, more balanced appearance. If you’re considering breast enhancement surgery, consider these 3 factors in determining if you’re ready for a cosmetic procedure.

Personal Considerations

Dr. Brantner strives to give his patients fuller, natural-looking breasts, subtly enhancing their God-given beauty. A patient’s reasons are her own: she may choose breast enhancement surgery to restore breasts after weight loss, give the breasts lift and fullness after a pregnancy, or increase the size of underdeveloped breasts. Before scheduling your cosmetic surgery, determine your reasons for choosing breast augmentation. Cosmetic surgery often boosts self-esteem, but a surgical procedure should always be your decision. Never allow a loved one to pressure you into a procedure you don’t truly want.

Practical Considerations

Once you’ve decided you want a fuller bust, examine the practical considerations of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Are you in good health? Do you have adequate finances? Can you take time off from work to recuperate from your surgery? Plan ahead to ensure a quick recovery after your surgery.

Professional Considerations

woman in a breast augmentation consultationWhen choosing your physician, always do your research. Never undergo invasive surgery unless your doctor is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Before a breast augmentation, each patient is required to have a full consultation with the surgeon or his nurse. The consultation will take you through each step of the procedure and recovery, so you can decide if cosmetic surgery is right for you. Ask Dr. Brantner any questions you may have about implant size or appearance, the surgical procedure, and physical limitations during your recovery.

Once you decide to have breast enhancement surgery, there’s no need to wait. Dr. Brantner’s scheduling coordinator will work with your schedule to plan your surgery at your earliest convenience. A whole new you is just a few weeks away!

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As warmer weather approaches, more women consider laser hair removal as a permanent solution to dark or inconvenient body hair. The lighter, shorter clothing of spring and summer revives the inconvenience of frequent shaving and waxing of unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal targets hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin, permanently reducing facial and body hair.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

cosmetic treatment for smooth, hair-free skinLaser hair removal limits or eliminates the need for shaving, waxing, and hair removal products. A minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, laser hair removal is fast, effective, and minimally uncomfortable. Men and women with dark, thick hair on their legs, arms, and other areas of the body often choose laser hair removal as a permanent solution to hair that makes them self-conscious. Patients with light hair may choose laser treatments for the convenience of hair removal, which limits time spent on personal grooming. Laser treatments are safe to use on the face and other sensitive areas of the body. Removing unwanted body hair often leads to improved confidence and self-worth.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser treatments target the pigment in hair follicles, reducing or removing hair without damaging the nearby skin. The hair removal process takes 3-8 treatments. Although age, hair color, and thickness of the hair contribute to the speed of each patient’s results, most patients see visibly lighter, thinner hair within a few weeks of the first treatment. Laser hair treatments are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, meaning patients can return to work immediately after the procedure with little to no discomfort.

Call Dr. Brantner’s office to schedule your laser hair removal appointment.

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Skin Rejuvenation without the Downtime

cosmetic facial rejuvinationChemical peels even skin tones, remove blemishes, and make fine lines less apparent, rejuvenating the skin in under an hour. Microdermabrasion peels restore the skin in just 30 minutes, making it the perfect, no-commitment “lunchtime” facial rejuvenation treatment. If you want a visual boost as you decide between a facelift or Botox—or you’re simply too young to worry about fine lines and wrinkles—microdermabrasion is the ideal way to restore your skin to a healthy, youthful glow.


Physicians developed dermabrasion to improve patients’ acne scars, pock marks, and other facial blemishes. Microdermabrasion uses a gentler version of the same technology to smooth the skin and stimulate collagen production, revealing healthier, more youthful skin. Unlike dermabrasion, microdermabrasion involves no anesthetic and works for all skin types. The procedure involves a gentle application of micro crystals to remove the rough top layer of skin. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure has no recovery time. Patients may experience a slight pinking of the skin for up to 24 hours.

Restoring Your Natural Glow

Microdermabrasion gently exfoliates the skin, removing a layer of dead cells to reveal the unblemished, collagen-rich skin below. It treats sun damage and discoloration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and acne, and smoothes stretch marks and light scarring. Microdermabrasion is safe for all ages and skin tones. Patients with facial blemishes, dull skin, and uneven facial coloration respond well to microdermabrasion peels. Restore your smooth, natural glow and reveal the real you.

Call our scheduling coordinator to set up an appointment with our microdermabrasion practitioner.

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

As patients become more open with friends and family about their plastic surgeries, the stigmas associated with cosmetic procedures are disappearing. Breast augmentations are no longer seen as a sign of luxury for a particular subset of women. A woman in her fifties is just as likely to undergo a breast augmentation procedure as a woman in her twenties, and a civil servant has as many options as a housewife. Body contouring improves self-esteem and boosts confidence, giving patients a revitalized mind and a beautiful appearance.

Reasons for Choosing a Breast Augmentation

measuring breast sizeThe incentives for undergoing breast enhancement surgery are as varied as the patients. Self-esteem enhancement, body renewal after breast-feeding, and size supplement after weight loss are just a few of the reasons a woman might choose to have a breast augmentation. The important thing is that the patient chooses the surgery for herself.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr Brantner is renown for creating natural, beautiful looks for his patients. His breast augmentations mimic the natural curve of the breast, giving patients fuller breasts without the fake, plastic look of overly round implants. At a breast augmentation consultation, Dr Brantner and the patient will discuss the desired size of the breasts, the type of implant, and the surgical procedure. He’s happy to answer any questions the patient might have. After determining the aesthetic desired by the patient, Dr Brantner’s surgery coordinator will schedule the surgery. Patient information remains confidential through every step of the surgical process.

Would you like full, natural looking breasts? Schedule a consultation and take your first step to developing the body you’ve always wanted.

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