A Beautiful New Year

It’s difficult to believe that another holiday season has already come and gone. 2015 is upon us, and if you’re anything like the rest of the world, you’ve already written a list of ways to better yourself for the new year. If you need a little help getting started this January, we’ve compiled these 5 resolutions for more beautiful year.

Beauty Goals for 2015

  1. healthy female patientLook within. Having the body of your dreams won’t create happiness. Plastic surgery allows patients to improve their self-confidence and achieve their ideal look, but it’s only worthwhile if a patient’s self-perceptions outweigh the opinions of others. Make a concerted effort to love yourself – internally and externally – this year.
  2. Stop smoking. Smoking is proved to age the skin, slow healing, and cause weight gain. If you want a healthier body and a more youthful appearance, nicotine is the first habit you should kick this year.
  3. Love your skin. Preventing a problem is better than fixing one. Preserve the smoothness, youth, and elasticity of your skin by implementing a proper skin care routine for 2015, especially in the harsh weather of January and February.
  4. Get healthy. Healthy living isn’t about overhauling your refrigerator or hitting the treadmill every day. Small life changes like dropping an unhealthy side at dinner or parking farther away at the grocery store are more sustainable than quick lifestyle changes. Instead of burning yourself out on exercise and healthy eating by going 0 to 60 this January, start small work your way towards a healthier lifestyle throughout the year.
  5. Treat yourself. Have you been contemplating a tummy tuck since your last pregnancy? Have you always wanted a breast augmentation? Would a facelift make you feel more beautiful? Treat yourself to the face and body of your dreams in 2015. Call Dr. Brantner’s office to schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation in Johnson City, TN.

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Happy Holidays, Johnson City!

happy holidaysAfter weeks of Christmas shopping, festive decorations, and holiday tunes, the week of Christmas has finally arrived. We are so blessed to share this season of joy, giving, and bright spirits with our patients. We hope you’ve enjoyed the festive decor and merry dispositions of our office staff this December. As we finish our work and prepare for full houses, we’re reminded how blessed we are in our daily lives. God gave His Son to take our stresses and our shames, to help us overcome our weaknesses and revitalize our strengths for His cause. It’s easy to forget how a simple birth in a stable has transformed us for eternity. There’s no greater Christmas gift than God’s gift to us.

Dr. Brantner and his staff are looking forward to a wonderful week spent with family and friends, but the reason for the celebration doesn’t end when we kick off the New Year. The hope, faith, and love we celebrate this Christmas is everlasting in His Kingdom.

Dr. Brantner and his staff would like to wish all of Johnson City a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

5 Habits That Cause Wrinkles

Patients are particularly aware of their skin during the holidays. The holiday season means office parties and parent-teacher meetings, family gatherings and reunions with old friends, and far more pictures than people take during the rest of the year. And, of course, the brisk winter weather does its best to undermine the soft, supple skin we wish was on display in each year’s Christmas photos. Whether you choose chemical peels, surgical facelifts, or fresh skin care routines to rejuvenate your skin this winter, there are some habits that everyone should break.

5 Habits That Cause Wrinkles

  1. woman applying moisturizerSmoking. Numerous studies have shown that smoking is the primary cause of premature aging. It also increases patients’ risks of infection, slows the healing process, and, in some cases, limits the results of cosmetic procedures.
  2. Dehydration. Whether the problem is alcohol, frequent exertion without rehydration, or simply not drinking enough water, dehydration visibly reduces the plump freshness of the skin. Over time dehydration limits the production of collagen, reducing the elasticity of the skin.
  3. Forgetting sunscreen. It’s easy to forget sunscreen on a cool, overcast day, but even a few minutes of sun exposure can lead to fine lines and creases in the skin. To guarantee daily skin protection, use moisturizer or foundation with a built-in sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. Moisturizing is also important to reducing wrinkles over time.
  4. Poor sleep. Good sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet lead to increased production of growth hormones that keep skin thick and elastic. Inadequate sleep causes production of cortisol, a hormone that breaks down the cells of the skin. Studies show that sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow also causes wrinkles over time.
  5. Bad Makeup Routines. Do you have crow’s feet and fine lines around your mouth? Chances are you’ve spent part of your life pulling the skin around your eyes and lips to better apply makeup. Never pull your skin taut to apply eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick; it’s a surefire way to develop deep furrows in the skin.

Are you interested in cosmetic facial rejuvenation for the holidays? Call Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brantner.

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A New Kind of Christmas Gift

As the holidays approach, plastic surgery procedures are on the rise. Both women and men want to look their best for holiday festivities and family pictures, and non-invasive cosmetic procedures are a simple way to achieve smoother, more youthful features. Cosmetic surgeries like tummy tucks and breast augmentations also rise in popularity during the holidays, generally in late November early December. It seems only natural that loved ones would take note of this trend in cosmetic procedures and tuck plastic surgery consultations and gift certificates underneath the Christmas tree.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

wrapped christmas giftsWouldn’t it be nice if, instead of a new shirt or coat, you could give loved ones the gift of confidence? The gift of plastic surgery does just that. Whether you’re buying your husband an anterior necklift, giving your sister a Juvaderm filler, or buying your daughter a chemical peel, you’re not just ticking another item off their Christmas list. Plastic surgery helps patients feel more comfortable in their own skin, giving them a peace and confidence that’s truly beautiful to behold.

Giving Plastic Surgery as a Present

The danger in buying a loved one a cosmetic procedure lies in making them feel less beautiful instead of more beautiful. That’s why gifts like surgery are best discussed before you put them under the tree. Plastic surgery makes a thoughtful gift for someone who has expressed the desire to undergo a procedure. However, loved ones should never make the mistake of reading between the lines. A treatment like a Glycolic Acid peel or Microdermabrasion treatment – cosmetic procedures that rejuvenate the skin and remove dead skin cells – make excellent gifts for nearly anyone, but giving someone a “surprise surgery” tells them you’re not satisfied with the way they look. Plastic surgery should always be up to each individual patient, a way for them to get the body of their dreams, not the body their spouses, family, or friends think they need.

When Buying the Gift of Plastic Surgery

If your loved one has a facelift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or non-surgical procedure on their to-do list, they’ll probably be thrilled to receive it as a Christmas gift. If you’re giving the gift of plastic surgery this year, remember:

  • All patients must be evaluated by Dr. Brantner prior to surgery. He reserves the right determine whether the procedure is appropriate for the patient.
  • Always discuss the desired procedure with your loved one before you plan it.
  • Leave all the details up to the patient.
  • Cosmetic surgery makes an incredible gift, but if you lack the funds, you can cover the consultation fee instead.
  • Consider giving the gift of plastic surgery before Christmas day so your loved one can be more confident for holiday family photos.

Have a question about scheduling a cosmetic surgery consultation this holiday season? Call Dr. Brantner’s office in Johnson City, TN.

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