How to Reclaim Your Pre-Baby Body

mom and daughter playingMommy Makeovers allow moms to reclaim their confidence, do something special for themselves, and get their pre-baby bodies back. Mothers put their kids’ needs above their own, but sometimes they start to feel like they’re not their own person anymore. A Mommy Makeover isn’t about looking better for your spouse or showing off to the moms at the PTA. It’s about feeling good and loving yourself. That’s why each Mommy Makeover is individualized to meet the needs of the patient.

We want to make it easy for moms to celebrate the things that make them feel beautiful. We’re offering body shaping and rejuvenation specials this spring.

Breast Augmentation

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, breast implants allow many women to renew their confidence and reclaim their bodies. Breast augmentations make the breasts fuller, balancing the shape of the body and improving self-image. They can also balance uneven breast tissue or replace lost fullness due to pregnancy or weight loss.

Breast Lift

Many women like the size of their breasts, but are unhappy with the loss of elasticity due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, or heredity. A mastopexy, or breast lift procedure, removes excess skin and lifts the breasts, resulting in more youthful, lifted breasts. Breast lift surgery does not reduce the size of the breasts, but it may give the illusion of smaller breasts. Because of this, breast lifts can be performed alone or with breast augmentations.

Tummy Tuck

Many new mothers feel self-conscious about the appearance of their abdomens. Pregnancy often results in excess skin and fat in the stomach, as well as weakened or separated abdominal muscles. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck procedure, removes excess fat and skin and knits weakened muscles back together, resulting in a smoother, tighter tummy.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift reshapes the contours of the upper legs by removing excess skin and fat. A mom with low elasticity in her skin may not easily return to her pre-baby body, even if she loses weight through diet and exercise. A thigh lift smooths the loose skin and fat on the thighs, giving each patient a firmer, more balanced body.

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Top 4 Questions about Breast Implants

For decades, breast implants have been the top cosmetic surgical procedure in the U.S. 286,000 breast augmentations were performed in 2014 alone. But despite its popularity, the world is full of misconceptions about breast enlargement surgery. Make a list of personal questions to ask your surgeon at your cosmetic consultation. To get you started, we’re answering 4 common questions about breast implants.

Top Questions about Breast Augmentation

  1. woman taking notesAre breast implants safe? Breast implants are among the most studied medical devices in existence. After years of extensive research, the FDA has approved both saline and silicone breast implants for medical use.
  2. How do I achieve the most natural results? A variety of factors must come together to give you your perfect breast implant. First, you must determine your ideal outcome. Saline implants are recommended for women under 22, but they may cause slight rippling under the skin, especially when placed over the muscle. Silicone implants give a more natural shape, but cost more than saline implants. Patients must also consider implant placement, scar placement, body type, and lifestyle before finding their perfect breast.
  3. What Size Implant Do I Need? During your surgical consultation, Dr. Brantner will help you determine the right size breast implant for your surgery. He will measure your chest wall, shoulders, and current breast size to help you find your ideal breast size. Height, weight, body type, and desired results are also crucial factors in finding the right size implant. As with any surgery, optimal breast size is different for each patient. Dr. Brantner is here to help you find your best, most natural results.
  4. Will You See My Scar? There are three sites you can choose for your incision: under the armpit, beneath the breast, and around the nipple. Every patient heals differently, but in most cases, the scars are small and easily concealed. Discuss the pros and cons of each scar placement with Dr. Brantner at your consultation.

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