5 Reasons We Love SculpSure (and You Will Too)

Have you heard about SculpSure? It’s a brand new procedure we’re offering at Dr. Brantner’s office. As the first FDA-approved, non-surgical fat reduction procedure, it’s no secret why we’re excited about SculpSure. And you should be, too!

5 Reasons to Get Excited about SculpSure

  1. woman outside - body contourIt’s FDA-approved. Whether you’ve considered body sculpting before or you’re simply curious about this new, non-surgical body sculpting solution, you can feel comfortable knowing that SculpSure is a completely safe, FDA-approved fat reduction procedure.
  2. It’s low pain. No scalpels, no sutures, and no needles required. SculpSure is a non-invasive laser technology that targets fat cells beneath the skin. By destabilizing these cells, we can trick your body into breaking down and eliminating stubborn fat cells. Some patients may feel mild discomfort, but for most people it’s pain-free.
  3. It targets multiple problem areas. SculpSure has been proven to reduce fat by up to 24% in the abdomen, love handles, inner thighs, and outer thighs. If you’d like to target more than one area, let us know during your consultation so we can schedule multiple appointments.
  4. It’s fast. A SculpSure treatment takes only 25 minutes, and there’s no downtime, so you can easily schedule a procedure on your lunch break. Over the 12 weeks following a procedure, patients see up to 24% fat reduction. Some patients may need a follow-up appointment, but for most people, it’s “one and done” fat reduction treatment.
  5. It works. Don’t believe us? Just ask our staff!

Ready to see the results for yourself? Contact us today to schedule a SculpSure consultation.

May Special: 15% Off Botox and Juvederm!

Dr. Brantner has a new special for the month of May–15% off botox, juvederm voluma, and juvederm smiling womanvolbella! These non-surgical procedures may be similar, but they provide patients with different results. Let’s take a look at what these injections do!

Botox, perhaps the most well-known of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, is primarily used to improve the appearance of frown lines. This procedure is designed to help smooth out wrinkles between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes, and forehead wrinkles. An injection usually lasts about three months, but after regular injections, results begin to last longer. Botox is also FDA approved to treat migraine headaches.

Juvederm is primarily used to treat smile lines, which look like parenthesis that open around the mouth. It is also used to fill in scars and hollow places in the face. Juvederm voluma is used to add volume and lift cheeks, while Juvederm volbella is used to plump, smooth, and augment the lips, to correct smoker’s lines, and to fill in scars and hollow places in the face, including acne scars. These treatments usually last about a year.

At Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, patients can be sure they’re getting the best quality cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures in East Tennessee. We take patient care very seriously. Dr. Brantner is proud to have three decades in civilian practice, and continues to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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