Learn the Benefits of Mommy Makeover Procedures

Learn the Benefits of Mommy Makeover Procedures

Birth of the child can be an exciting experience. Obviously, nobody talks about your pregnancy. And in the era of social media, body image seems impossible for many people who are looking for something that is beautiful in themselves. Maybe you want to have a baby makeover procedure. This is your best chance of achieving success here! Mommy makeovers help enhance our natural appearance. Learn the benefits of a mommy makeover procedure by reading this blog.

It is difficult and dangerous to deal with the stresses and pains that come with pregnancy and birth. Obviously the next step involves more stress and, most likely, raising children. A mommy makeover procedure helps mitigate damage you experience during the trip. A mom makeover can have very powerful benefits. Like this name suggests a mommy makeover involves multiple processes. In most cases it involves tummy tuck, liposuction and breast enhancement.

Mommy Makeover Surgery

When pregnant your body changes in order to accommodate your baby. Depending upon your skin type you may get stretched out, swollen, and prone to rashes, causing a lot of discomfort. This warrior scar reflects your strength as a woman. Despite this change it’s difficult for some people to understand them.

Some women wish to return to the old body after a baby. Some people want more modelry on Instagram. This persistent thought can distract you from everyday activities. This might result in spiraling into negative thoughts and developing unhealthy phobias about the way you look.

Flat Tummy Goals

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman often has muscle separations known as “Diastasis Recti.” It is an exercise technique used when you widen your belly. It is common in women with this condition that their tummy turns round after giving birth.

Exercise can be minimally changed but is sometimes discouraged in severe situations. Many women prefer tummy tucks and liposuction. Tummy tightness or tucks can be performed in various ways to reduce the thickness of a person’s skin and give it a curvier shape. This technique allows the muscles to return to normal activities.

Restore Youthfulness

Breasts are one area often experiencing significant change following pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. Your perky twins will droop, sag, or lose weight, leaving you swollen and depressed. Breast lifting is the most effective way to remove excess fat from the breasts.

Alternatively, the surgical removal of skin from the breasts could help with weight reduction. Incisions are made on areolas, down the lower breasts and through the creases in breasts, if needed. Mommy Makeovers can include breast lifts and breast augmentation procedures in an effort to restore your breasts to as close to their pre-pregnancy appearance as possible.

Flatten Out Your Flabby Midsection

Pregnancy can take its toll on the abdominal as the weight changes and muscles loosen. Even a healthy pregnancy isn’t the only option for you. Skin flabs are the culprit behind any tamed body. Correcting sagging and restore volume to breasts Improve breast symmetry repair stretched or large nipple/areola Remove excess, sagging skin from the abdomen Repair stretched or separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti). All of these things are included in a mommy makeover. 

Often used in motherhood makeovers, the tummy tuck helps to tighten stomach muscles and provides a slim flatter body shape down your middle and a more attractive appearance. The procedure involves insertions from hips to hip and is placed carefully inside of the bikini to avoid feeling self-conscious when using these two pieces.

Making up for Lost Time

Some mommy makeover patients have expressed how much effort it’s taken to raise their babies. In many ways, parents’ lives have been locked up for years. It is possible the patient may stop doing the essential activity, including daily exercise, to prevent fatigue.

The society has paid its price. It will be paid to women as an added cost to their child’s cost at birth. In fact, parenting broadly understood can have a number of negative impacts on the body. That doesn’t mean that fostering a child isn’t worthwhile.

Body Image

Body image relates to a person’s psychological state. This may seem simple but our bodies shape our daily lives. How we see ourselves is direct reflection on how we perceive other human beings. A Mommy Makeover can often include a breast augmentation , a mastopexy (breast lift) , a combination mastopexy with augmentation , or a breast reduction (which always includes a lift).

So, it could influence the way you view your external world. Love of our body can make a huge difference throughout all of our life changes. Always remember that stretch marks and body contouring are all necessary to create a better lifestyle. Once you understand this change you can begin looking for alternatives.

Say Goodbye to Fat Rolls

If you don’t eat enough food for an entire day or do several crunches a day it might be impossible to completely eliminate the excess fat in the body. Let the fat accumulate by removing excess fat from the body through liposuction.

It is possible to use this treatment on almost all body areas where pockets of fat interfere with body contours. Liposuction is done using small tubes called cannulas. The cannula can be placed in a tiny incision in fatty tissue to remove excess fat.

Breast Changes

The breasts can undergo countless transformations during a child or teen pregnancy. However, women sometimes have trouble accepting the breasts of a newborn. Other women may be affected by postpartum mental disorder and anxiety, as well. These things are very harmful to our mental states.

Psychological Benefits

Plastic surgeries address external problems based on the perception of self. However this method usually helps you internally. They help people find a balance between perception and reality. Why do women who struggle to maintain a good physique choose to undergo breast reconstruction surgery? It may also change your thinking pattern to positive statements about yourself. And who would not like that?

Turn Back the Clock

While the body is typically the main focus for the mom’s makeover, many patients also wish to turn back the clock while they are making body enhancements. This patient may undergo Dermal Fillers / Botox injections to smooth out the lines and wrinkles and restore youthful volume on cheek and face lines. Facials can be done simultaneously with a mommy make up and put a final touch to your new look.

How Can a Mommy Makeover Benefit You?

Pregnancy can have negative consequences for your body. Many women discourage themselves if their breasts or body doesn ‘t return to their original prenatal shape. Having a Mommy makeover may help improve your health and confidence as your baby grows and becomes more confident.

Reverses the Effects of Childbirth on the Stomach

Another common issue after birth is a stomach-related problem. During a 9 month period the woman will usually have stretch marks and loose skin on her belly, with a stomach symptom. Mommy makeover is a procedure that removes excessive weight and stretches the skin and muscles of the stomach during pregnancy. This gives you an even toned and flatter stomach.


Here are a few commonly asked questions about mommy makeovers:

When Should I Have a Mommy Makeover?

It can be a very personal choice of your own to decide a suitable time for a mommy makeover, but there are certain factors to look out for when selecting your procedure.

What Are Must Haves After a Mommy Makeover?

Getting involved, helping with the household chores and taking care of the children. Keep yourself hydrated. Create an environment of comfort in your home. Plan on lying on the ground with the pillow on the bed. Give yourself enough time for recovery. Give the housekeeping a hand in keeping the kids. Ensure that you are consuming the most wholesome foods possible. Setup an enjoyable place to relax. Sleep in a reclining position or backrest if you’re undergoing a procedure that includes breast tucking or chest enhancement.

Are Mommy Makeovers Worth It?

95% say they want a mommy makeover. Most of them say that they were pleased with their new job and feel good after the makeover. So yes! They are worth it.

How Many Weeks Does It Take To Recover From a Mommy Makeover?

The recovery of mother makeover surgeries generally takes around 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how long it will require you to undergo the procedure. Generally the body of women recovers in a specific fashion and the healing period is shorter or more intense.


Mothers deserve all the love in the world after what they do for us. The changes their bodies go through should be treated in a way that they once again feel confident in their skin and like what they see in themselves. Many women lose the will to look beautiful after they give birth to more than one children. Mommy makeovers are a great source of happiness and confidence build-up for women.

Dr. Jim Brantner’s Clinic understands the changes a body of a woman goes through after birth. Because of that, we aim to provide effective and safe procedures for women. We provide mommy makeovers, breast augmentation, nect lifts, fat reduction, etc. Contact us today and book an appointment!

Things to Know When Thinking About Getting a Rhinoplasty

Things to Know When Thinking About Getting a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the third most common plastic surgery performed in the USA and many consider it a very easy surgery. It is although, given that it has 5–15% revision rates and teens make up about 14% of patients in the procedure, there are certain things one must understand when considering a nose resurfacing procedure in the first place. However, there are some things to know when thinking about getting a rhinoplasty.

A rhizotomy procedure is not an easy thing to do. A noselift can permanently change your appearance, so you have to know each detail. Before we go into detail, it should be stressed just about everything you can do to get the best results from your cosmetic surgery.

The Procedure Differs From Patient to Patient

The procedure costs and risks are different between the patient and the surgeon as with all other surgical procedures. In nose surgery, you can expect a bit of a painless procedure and it’ll only take several days. While rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic procedure, many plastic surgeons choose not to perform it because it presents many challenges. In the nose, form and function are intimately linked. A cosmetic change in the structure of the nose can have undesired effects on breathing.

An average patient will need only one panadol during the aortotomy procedure. It’s normal to see swelling or bruising around your eyes during surgery, but this will begin to improve within several days. You’ll get swelling for three months and depending on what happens the results aren’t visible until the end of one or two months.

Nose Thread lifting

A nasal thread lift procedure is commonly called the lunch procedure because of the short time and noninvasiveness. It enhances nose contouring without requiring plastic surgeries.

The nose bridges are raised and tips are raised with biocompatible threads. Surgically the nose is raised straighter and the head has been fixed. The nose thread lift utilizes thread made of absorbable soluble materials like Polypolydioxanone. Throughout the day the toxins are fully incorporated into our blood.


It usually takes between two and four weeks to settle in non-surgical dermoplasty and swelling is more apparent around days two and three. Swelling will occur if you have a rhinoplasty.

The swelling is worse within three to six weeks after surgery if 90% has been removed by surgery and requires rhinoplasty. A final report should take around 4-6 months. Additionally swelling and healing duration will depend upon the method your doctor uses to perform your rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Investing a little more money is not the cheapest way to change a nose. If you want to remove the bumps in the nose, bridge filler can help you disguise them. The filling is an alternative to invasive methods in certain cases. It can disguise the hump for example. Fillers are, however, temporary and are used mostly for those looking at the results of their experiments. Please visit the following page for a full list of filler facts.

There’s No Perfect Nose

A rhinoplasty should improve your nose’s overall appearance rather than merely make it a brand-new one. “We haven’t had a perfectly good nose,” said Dr. Elliott Heller. Surgery can improve symmetry and shape, and reduce crookedness. Get a doctor who will enhance you rather than just give you another one. There are no medical doctors able to accurately forecast the end results for any consultation unless it is computer generated.

Difference Between Nose Job and Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty procedures involve changing the contour of the nose. Sometimes the motivation behind these procedures is a change in nose shape or breathing pattern. The upper part of the nose is bone, while the bottom part is cartilage. Rhinoplasty may alter bone and skin.

Understanding the Difference Between a Septoplasty and a Rhinoplasty

The word nosejob means surgery performed on someones nose. Generally speaking the procedure involves two separate procedures. Amputations on a deficient septal can be performed at any given time by the patient.

During a septoplasty, the surgeon straightens the septum to alleviate breathing problems due to the blocked airways. A nose reconstruction is usually a cosmetic procedure when the nose shape changes. If you had deviated septum it is possible that you need both procedures. Techniques vary widely depending on your desire for results.

Understanding Your Recovery Process

A surgery is a surgical procedure, so if you plan your schedule for the surgery you will probably need to take note of your recovery period. A general nose job is regarded as the most reliable and safe procedure and can take place in the hospital and requires no overnight stay.

During your treatment you will undergo a mild /deepseding session. The swelling will usually disappear in about 3 to 4 weeks, but minimal bleeding should subside in less than a week and will subside.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon for Your Nose Job

There are different jobs for each job. While plastic surgery is a medically qualified procedure, it is possible to look at plastic surgery who is specialized or has a special interest in rhinoplasty. You should always choose a plastic surgeon that understands your needs and wants. Please ask questions about any possible issues and get the best advice from your consultant. It is even possible that you can ask a physician for a picture of your doctor’s previous work. 

This may lead to further discussions on your unique physical attributes that may negatively affect the outcome as well as emotional reasons behind the decision. It may or may not change your overall decision but it will surely be a good discussion to have with your rhinoplasty surgeon. After your surgical consultation, you should feel relaxed and comfortable with your surgeon. You should not feel as though questions were skimmed over or not answered fully and you should certainly not feel pressured into a decision.

Managing Your Expectations

You might experience severe bruising immediately after surgery, but do not expect a quick outcome as it would require a long period before swelling subsides. Eventually your newly formed nose may be different and look significantly different from your previous nose.

In some cases you may not like what you do after surgery, so you will need a revision rhinoplasty. Do not hesitate in bringing your problem up to the doctor who’ll help with your desired appearance.

Rhinoplasty results take time

Most people forget that the nose can heal within an hour. Yeah, this is exactly 1 year. There is likely to be a 15-20% chance of requiring revisions of your rhinoplasty. The report said that 26% of patients with rhinoplasty had to go into revision surgery. That’s not to say there won’t be some uncomfortable days because you’re likely to feel severely congested for a couple of weeks, at least. 

That’s normal, and you may still be mildly stuffy for 2 or 3 months before you’re completely healed. Some patients consider nonsurgical rhinoplasty as an option: Contouring the nose with injectable fillers is a technique that’s gaining popularity. It can help create a more attractive profile, but it does have limitations.

After Effects

Rhioplasty recovery is generally done with bandages. For prevention of bone movement from surgery and reducing swelling, splints may be required on the nose. In some cases, gauze bandages are necessary to catch drainage in the throat.

Avoid Wearing Glasses

After surgery the nose bridge should heal. The wear of glasses and sunglasses after surgical procedures can add unneeded stress and lead to indentation. If you need glasses, you can use a nasal splint.


Rhinoplasty, along with many other cosmetic surgery procedures, is a risky procedure. You can never really know if it’s going to be the ideal procedure for your condition. The best way to figure that out is by learning about the procedure as much as you can. This can be done with the help of the internet as well as by asking different doctors about it. When you have some prior knowledge of the procedure you’re about to undergo, you become very confident toward the procedure, as you should be. It can turn out to be great if you’re looking forwaard to it.

Dr. Jim Brantner’s clinic provides effective and safe cosmetic surgery procedures. We are motivated to create a safe environment for our clients where they can feel comfortable and not worry about the complications of the procedures. We like to keep our patients in the loop of all what’s going to be involved in the medical procedure. Our services include, rhinoplasty, liposuction, fat reduction, neck lift procedures, breast augmentation, mommy makeovers, etc. Contact us today and book an appointment!