October will be ending soon, but there’s still plenty of time to get involved in breast cancer awareness. Many fundraising opportunities will end with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but there are always things you can do in Johnson City to support women fighting breast cancer.

5 Ways to Get Involved in Breast Cancer Awareness

    1. breast cancer awareness badgeWalk for a cure. Johnson City’s annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event takes place Sunday, October 30th in Founders Park. Registration is at 1pm and the walk kicks off at 3pm. Start a team or cheer others on as we raise funds, awareness, and support.
    2. Know (and share) the facts. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Research shows that a healthy diet and regular exercise can decrease your chances of getting breast cancer by 40%. Men are also at risk for breast cancer (1 in 1,000 chance), but women over 50 have the highest risk. If caught in its early stages, breast cancer has a 98% survival rate.
    3. Learn about self-exams. Monthly self-exams are the most effective tool for catching breast cancer early. Learn how to perform an effective self-exam, looking for lumps and changes in the feel of breast tissue. Educate others about the importance of monthly breast self-exams.
    4. Raise funds. Whether you donate, organize a fundraiser, or encourage your friends and family to give, breast cancer donations can significantly improve access to mammograms, increase awareness of the disease, and fund cancer research.
    5. Volunteer your time. If you’re not personally affected by breast cancer, it’s easy to do your part in October, then forget about the need. Get involved in breast cancer programs in Johnson City year round. Volunteer your time to raise awareness, drive women to mammograms and doctor’s appointments, and educate women about their treatment and reconstruction options.

Do you have a question about breast cancer screening, support, or reconstruction options? Call Dr. Brantner’s East Tennessee Reconstructive Surgery Center.