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Breast Procedures

Undergoing a cosmetic breast procedure is a very personal decision. When you come to our clinic, know that you’re in good hands.

Cosmetic breast procedures are an art as much as they are a science. We’ve been perfecting that art for years. Our procedures are tailored to each patient’s individual and specific needs so you know you’re getting the personalized care you deserve.

Our skilled and caring processionals work with you to learn about your goals, desires and ways we can help you craft the body and appearance you desire, resulting in a truly artistic, symmetrical and natural looking result that is both beautiful and inspiring.

From augmentations to reconstruction, we’re here to help.

Cosmetic Breast Procedure Options

We offer a wide array of cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures for any situation.

Gain the Confidence you Deserve and the Body you Desire.

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Life is full of compromises, the appearance of your breasts shouldn’t have to be one of them. If you’re considering breast procedures to enhance, reconstruct or shape the appearance of your breasts, give us a call today.

Our team of passionate, caring and experienced medical professionals can help you understand your options and how we can help create the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Please contact us today at (423) 328-9000 to set up an appointment for a consultation with a cosmetic​ surgeon from our team.

Breast augmentation also referred to as a “breast aug” or mammoplasty is one of the most common breast procedures in the US. If you’re looking for improved proportioning, fuller, firmer or perkier breasts, an augmentation might be just what you need.

Augmentation can result in:

  • Increased fullness and perkiness
  • Enhanced self-image and confidence
  • Improved contouring and shaping

Breast Lift

Also known as a “mastopexy”, a breast lift does just what it says; lifts the breasts. Over time gravity and the natural effects of aging can reduce your skin’s elasticity, leading to sagging, wrinkling and a loss of shape and firmness.

A breast lift can help you restore and rejuvenate your figure and profile including benefits such as:

  • Improving areola appearance
  • Reduce irritation from excess or sagging skin
  • Restore youthful appearance
  • Improve body proportions
  • Boost self-confidence and self esteem

Otherwise known as a reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction is a medical procedure that removes excess fat, skin and glandular tissue to achieve the desired proportion size and to alleviate discomfort and pain associated with overly large breast sizes.

Unhappy with the size or appearance of your breasts? Experiencing neck or back pain associated with large breasts? Give us a call today. We can help with benefits of breast reduction including:

  • Improved posture
  • Proper body proportioning
  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Improved confidence and self-image
  • Enhanced shaping and contouring

Breast Reconstruction

Whether due to cancer, genetic malformations, or simply improving upon misshapen breasts, reconstruction surgery can be an important aspect of helping you live your best life and gain the confidence you need in life. This procedure is generally covered by insurance.

We combine the latest in breast care, recovery and reconstruction techniques to preserve, shape, form and restore the natural beauty of your breasts. For women just like you

We know that considering breast reconstruction surgery can be a difficult decision to make, but we’re here to help. Our staff is caring, compassionate and with you every step of the way. From your first consultation to the operating chair and recovery, we’ve got your back.

Benefits of Reconstruction Surgery include:

  • Restoration of balance and proportion
  • Boost in self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Personalized care and treatment options for a perfect result
  • Beautifully dramatic and permanent results that last a lifetime


What Our Paients Are Saying About Us..


I went to Dr Brantner for reconstruction revision. I'm very, very pleased with the results. The staff were wonderful. I can't thank them enough for taking care of my surgery and making me feel and look so much better!!! I would highly recommend Dr Brantner.

M. Campbell

Great surgeon! Every employee in the office is wonderful and helpful. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr Brantner, Win, and all of the staff.

S. Steffey

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