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Rhinoplasty – get the nose you always wanted

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job” is a procedure that realigns or reshapes your nose. Rhinoplasty is a surgical correction that is made to the structures of the nose. Many people opt to have this surgery done for health-related issues or for cosmetic purposes to enhance their appearance.

The procedure can have a positive impact on your health, appearance and self-confidence. Your face is the first thing other people notice about you, and your nose sits in the center of your face to balance out all of your other facial features.

Whatever your reason for the procedure, Johnson City, TN has a premier cosmetic surgery center that will make you feel like family. The Jim Brantner Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can ensure that you have an enjoyable experience and quality results that will impress.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

There are several cosmetic and health-related benefits to having the rhinoplasty procedure, including:

    • Improve breathing difficulties
    • Repair a birth defect
    • Correction of a deviated septum
    • Repair an injury
    • Reshape nose size
    • Change the appearance of the nasal tip
    • Resize wide or narrow nostrils
    • Balance the nose in comparison to other facial features
    • Remove any visible bumps on the bridge of the nose
    • A more symmetrical nose

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Is Rhinoplasty Right for You?

Residents of Johnson City often have questions about Rhinoplasty and if it is right for them. You will want to meet with your surgeon at The Jim Brantner Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center to discuss your options and any concerns you may have. This meeting will help you to learn more about the procedure and for the surgeon to learn more about you.

Topics of discussion generally cover the following…

Expectations of Rhinoplasty:

Here you will have an opportunity to help your surgeon understand the reason(s) you are considering the procedure. These reasons could be medically driven, or purely cosmetic.

Your surgeon will set expectations and explain whether or not your goals can be achieved. Together you will work to create a picture of the results you would like with the surgeons’ professional touch.

Many people do not like to discuss their physical appearance, especially if they want to make a change. And while this is a perfectly natural instinct, keep an open mind and ask any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the Rhinoplasty surgery. Remember, your surgeon is there to help.

Health History:

This is a very important part of your consultation. You will want to come prepared with your complete medical history. Your doctor will need to know if you have had any previous surgeries, and if so, when, and on what body part. He will also need to know the current medications you take and if you have any other health issues. Another important part of your health history to disclose is if you have had any bleeding disorders or nasal obstructions in the past.

Testing & Physical Exam:

Laboratory testing, including blood work, is usually ordered.

This will help the surgeon to get a better look at your overall health and make sure you’re a good candidate for the operation. The physical exam portion will help to determine the thickness of your skin among other health parameters.

These examinations, in part, will also allow the doctor to see how the rhinoplasty will affect the overall look of your other facial features. Another reason for this exam is to ensure the strength of the cartilage in your nose. These factors need to be taken into account in order to ensure that the rhinoplasty will not have a negative impact on your breathing.


This part of the consultation is very important. First, you will be able to see the “before” pictures and have them to compare to the “after” pictures. There will be several angles that the photographs will be taken. This helps to ensure that you will get the results you want. It also makes it possible for the doctor to show you on a computerized program what you can expect for your end result. These photos can be digitally manipulated to help you envision the end result after rhinoplasty. It allows you and the surgeon to be on the same page when it comes to the rhinoplasty surgery.

What to Expect

Most people have questions on what to expect during and after the rhinoplasty surgery. The caring staff in Johnson City will be more than happy to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have.

Each surgery and treatment is individually tailored to that person’s unique body and goals, with no two rhinoplasty surgeries being the same. With this being said, the way the procedure is accomplished is (in general) the same. Rhinoplasty is performed using general anesthesia using one of the following two methods detailed below.

Two methods commonly utilized by surgeons include:

  1. Endonasal/Closed Rhinoplasty- This is where the surgeon will make the incisions entirely inside your nose.
  2. External/Open Rhinoplasty- This is where the surgeon will make a small incision on the skin between the nostrils.

Both methods will help to sculpt the new shape of the nose. Sutures will be placed for healing purposes. In most cases you will want to take a week off from work or school to allow adequate time to heal and for the swelling to go down.

Your surgeon will go into more detail about the recovery process with you once the surgery is scheduled and their medical team will be there to help you at every step of your journey.

The Cost

Most residents in Johnson City have questions about the payment and cost of the rhinoplasty procedure. Depending on your insurance policy some of your rhinoplasty surgery could be covered in part or in full.

Before scheduling the surgery the office staff can help you take the appropriate steps to obtain authorization from your insurance company. This will help you to determine how much you will pay out of pocket for the rhinoplasty surgery.

In the event that your surgery is not covered by insurance, we can work with you to formulate a payment plan or alternative method of payment.

A Team You Can Trust

When considering this procedure you will want to find a board certified doctor with a good reputation that performs surgeries in a modern facility. Dr. Brantner and his team in Johnson City have helped a countless number of patients to achieve looks that impress while helping their patients improve their overall health and well-being.

Call us today to set up your consultation and learn more about how we can help today.



I went to Dr Brantner for reconstruction revision. I'm very, very pleased with the results. The staff were wonderful. I can't thank them enough for taking care of my surgery and making me feel and look so much better!!! I would highly recommend Dr Brantner.

M. Campbell

Great surgeon! Every employee in the office is wonderful and helpful. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr Brantner, Win, and all of the staff.

S. Steffey

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