Plastic surgery is a topic full of misinformation. Everyone who’s ever read a gossip magazine believes they know the ins and outs of bad boob jobs and Botox injections. Whether you’re contemplating breast augmentation surgery or you’re simply curious, read on as we debunk common myths about breast implants.

Myth: Implants Look Fake

breast implants - secretWhether you’re worried that your breast implants will look plastic, or you’re simply concerned that acquaintances will comment on your surgery, fake looking breasts are a non-issue if you pick a skilled surgeon. The most common cause of stretched, overly-round looking breasts is implants that are too big. Before your procedure Dr. Brantner will measure your chest wall and existing breast tissue, discuss your desired increase in bust size, and make size suggestions based on your body type. He will educate you on how silicone implants, saline implants, and breast implant placement will affect the natural shape and appearance of the breasts.

Myth: All Women Who Get Implants Want Huge Breasts

The reasons for choosing a breast augmentation are as varied as the patients themselves. Many women who get breast implants only go up a cup size or two. Others get breast implants to lift sagging breasts, balance the shape of their bodies, or fill out clothes better. The only “wrong reason” for getting breast enhancement surgery is to please someone else.

Myth: Recovery is Incredibly Painful

Each patient has her own recovery experience, but today’s breast implants have a faster recovery time than augmentation procedures ten years ago. Dr. Brantner uses a special technique that creates a pocket of anesthetic around the incision, limiting the pain during recovery. Most patients experience one to three days of moderate discomfort.

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