As patients become more open with friends and family about their plastic surgeries, the stigmas associated with cosmetic procedures are disappearing. Breast augmentations are no longer seen as a sign of luxury for a particular subset of women. A woman in her fifties is just as likely to undergo a breast augmentation procedure as a woman in her twenties, and a civil servant has as many options as a housewife. Body contouring improves self-esteem and boosts confidence, giving patients a revitalized mind and a beautiful appearance.

Reasons for Choosing a Breast Augmentation

measuring breast sizeThe incentives for undergoing breast enhancement surgery are as varied as the patients. Self-esteem enhancement, body renewal after breast-feeding, and size supplement after weight loss are just a few of the reasons a woman might choose to have a breast augmentation. The important thing is that the patient chooses the surgery for herself.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr Brantner is renown for creating natural, beautiful looks for his patients. His breast augmentations mimic the natural curve of the breast, giving patients fuller breasts without the fake, plastic look of overly round implants. At a breast augmentation consultation, Dr Brantner and the patient will discuss the desired size of the breasts, the type of implant, and the surgical procedure. He’s happy to answer any questions the patient might have. After determining the aesthetic desired by the patient, Dr Brantner’s surgery coordinator will schedule the surgery. Patient information remains confidential through every step of the surgical process.

Would you like full, natural looking breasts? Schedule a consultation and take your first step to developing the body you’ve always wanted.

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