patient in doctor's officeWhen you go into surgery, you are putting your life in someone else’s hands, and that can be a scary thought. Whether you are scheduled for a routine office procedure or a major reconstructive surgery, many people experience nervousness before surgery. However, nerves can quickly turn into crippling anxiety. Don’t give up. There are ways to get a grip on your fears. Here are just a few tips for dealing with surgical anxiety before your procedure.  

Learn as Much as You Can

Learning about your procedure is a great way to understand what is in store and can help you reclaim some control over the situation. If you take the time to understand the medical science behind your procedure as well as the safety measures involved, you may start to feel more connected and more in control of the situation. 

Ask Questions

Your doctor and anesthesiologist have years of training. When it comes to plastic or reconstructive surgery, the professionals involved with the procedure will usually be available to discuss any fears you have going in. You may find that simply talking to your surgeon about your anxiety will help you fight your fear.

Understanding Your Recovery

Recovery after surgery can be its own unique source of anxiety. You might be afraid of the pain or discomfort you will feel. You might also be anxious about the physical changes you will see after a procedure. These fears are normal and should be addressed before your operation. Most patients will find that talking to a doctor about these fears before surgery helps calm anxiety a great deal.

Don’t let the fear of surgery stand in the way of becoming the person you want to see in the mirror. Dr. Jim Brantner is dedicated to providing excellent patient care and is a great source for anyone interested in learning more about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Johnson City. Contact us today to find out more.