When you lose weight, it is a significant achievement for you, but in the end, it leaves you with loose skin and sometimes stubborn fat pockets that don’t go quickly. You can exercise as much as possible, but these problems can be encountered unless you undergo some contouring surgery.  For a perfect toned body, contouring and surgeries can be very helpful. So before you go through such surgeries, there are several steps you can take to prepare your body for the surgery and ensure you get the best possible results that will enhance your appearance so that you can feel good about your body. Here are some ways to prepare your body for post-weight loss body contouring surgery. 

Consistently Achieve Your Goal Weight 

The doctors and surgeons always recommend achieving your body weight goals before you come for the body contouring surgery. It is also recommended that body contouring surgery is not at all suitable for achieving weight loss. Most of the doctors will send you back to achieve that desired body weight and to keep it maintained for three to six months so that your body is stable and in good health. Also, your body must get used to the new weight, shape, and size. So it is essential to work first on your desired goal weight and then go for the body contouring surgery. 

Keep your Body Hydrated. 

Before you undergo body contouring surgery, professionals always recommend drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated at any cost. This will give your body maximum healing after your surgery. The reason behind keeping hydrated is to flush out all the toxins from your body. This also helps in reducing any inflammation in your body. Another reason is to regenerate the healthy tissues inside your body. Drinking at least eight glasses of water every day is also suggested. Along with all these measures, it is also recommended to avoid alcohol consumption and intake of caffeine. These two things keep you dehydrated, ultimately dangerous for your body. 

Establish Healthy Habits

Before going through body contouring surgery, it is essential to have a healthy food intake. A healthy diet plan is required to follow strictly as it is directly linked with the healing process after surgery. You must ensure that your diet is well-balanced and you are eating proteins, whole grains, and vegetables. The diet plan also includes avoiding high sugar and high fat. Another thing to avoid is processed foods which are highly dangerous for your body. All these things contribute to inflammation. It also results in a slow healing process and ultimately leads to loss of weight gain. Hence, following a healthy, balanced diet is necessary before undergoing body-contouring surgery. 

Regularly Exercising 

The first step is to get a healthy lifestyle. This is another essential thing to add to your routine and to follow almost every day. It is necessary to maintain and lose your target weight before you go for surgery. It helps in preparing your body for the procedure. You can exercise and keep yourself healthy and fit in many ways. It is recommended to go jogging, walking or do some sports. All aerobic activities are encouraged, including cycling or running. You can do these exercises five times a week. It is better if you exercise every day, but at least five days of exercise should be your goal so that you remain in the best shape. Going to the gym and doing weight lifting is also suggested, as it helps strengthen your muscles and improve your body composition. So keep exercise an essential part of your life so that your healing process becomes easy and you have an excellent immune system. 

Quit or Avoid Smoking

Smoking tobacco or other stuff is hazardous for your body and immune system. It should be avoided at any cost. But if you are a regular smoker, you should minimize the consumption before the surgery. Smoking can impair circulation, slowing down the healing process of wounds. Smoking can increase the risks of getting infections after your body contouring surgery. So it must be avoided at any cost.  Therefore, the doctors suggest and recommend that you quit smoking at least 2-3 weeks before undergoing body-contouring surgery. It will help the body feel better and decrease the chances and risks of getting infections. The healing process after the surgery becomes fast if you quit smoking and do not smoke after the surgery. 

Manage Your Stress Levels

Taking stress is very harmful to your body as it can increase inflammation and decrease your immune system. These factors together increase the complications after your body contouring surgery. Therefore, surgeons recommend reducing your stress levels at any cost. There are several ways to reduce and manage your stress levels. These methods include meditation exercises and yoga. Also there are several other ways, such as practicing mindfulness and doing deep breathing exercises. If you are a patient with anxiety, you should recommend your mental health care professional or talk to a therapist to control your stress levels before the surgery. Even after the surgery, you should try to manage and reduce your stress levels as it will help in fast healing. 

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions. 

Another thing to keep in mind is following the instructions given by your surgeon about the care that you need to do before and after the surgery. Usually, the surgeons provide a list of education, such as avoiding certain medications before the body contouring surgery. Some doctors also recommend fasting before the surgery and arranging for transportation home. It is always recommended to ask for these instructions from your surgeon and to follow them strictly to avoid any complications in the future.

Get Enough Sleep

Another factor we don’t consider is good sleep before and after your surgery. Sleep is very important for a  healthy body and mind; therefore, having a good and peaceful sleep of 7 to 8 hours is necessary and is always recommended by doctors. Therefore, before the surgery, you should maintain your sleep cycle and avoid things distracting you from getting good sleep. Those distractions could be electronic devices watching television or scrolling your mobile for longer. Also, to have a better sleep cycle, you should avoid alcohol and caffeine.  Consumption of these two disturbs the sleep cycle; therefore, before undergoing body contouring plastic surgery, you should control your alcohol and caffeine consumption.

Have a Sound Support System Set in Place.

After your surgery is completed, you will need lots of rest. So it is essential to plan out your schedule for the recovery process. You have to Limit your physical activities, and you need to take holidays from your work after going to the body contouring surgery. Communicate with your family and set up a recovery area inside your home. Also, I get help from family members to help you in the house in advance. There it would be best if you planned these things before you go to the surgery so that you are not uncomfortable after your surgery and can heal properly.


All these measures are essential to plan and follow to get the best outcomes for your body contouring or weight loss surgery. Follow these guidelines and the instructions given by your doctor. 

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