Bariatric surgery is growing in popularity among patients who have difficulty losing weight. Weight loss surgery reduces the size of the stomach through gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding, or removing a portion of the stomach. However, these weight loss surgeries often leave patients with large amounts of stretched, sagging skin. Patients who lose upwards of 100lb—whether through bariatric surgery, diet, or exercise—often undergo post-bariatric cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin and recontour the body.

Post-Bariatric Surgery

nurse weighing patientAfter losing fatty tissue, most patients find that their skin lacks the elasticity to shrink to fit their new figures. To maximize the impact of weight loss, Dr. Brantner recommends post-bariatric surgeries to remove excess fat and sagging skin. Common cosmetic surgeries after weight loss include:

  • A “tummy tuck” to remove flabby skin around the stomach and tighten the abs
  • A thigh lift to improve the appearance of saggy inner, outer, and mid thighs
  • Liposuction to contour the thighs
  • A mastopexy to lift and reshape the breasts
  • Upper arm contouring to remove “wings” of excess skin on the upper arm
  • Facial and neck rejuvenation procedures

Dr. Brantner performs minor, in-office surgeries to recontour the face and neck. Tummy tucks and thigh lifts can be preformed simultaneously, as can breast lifts and arm recontouring. These cosmetic surgeries are scheduled in an OR procedure room.

Insurance Coverage of Post-Bariatric Surgery

Because weight loss surgery is often a medical necessity, insurance companies may cover post-bariatric procedure expenses. If the breasts are large enough to cause back pain or other health concerns, some insurance companies will pay for breast reduction surgery. When excess abdominal skin forms an apron over the lower stomach, causing rashes or ulcers, insurance might pay for the surgery. As the government changes the healthcare system, insurance coverage of these procedures is expected to decline. If you’re in need of post-bariatric surgery, schedule a consultation today.

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