A lot of patients want to know if insurance covers plastic surgery. Is there ever an elective procedure that medical insurance will pay for? Typically plastic surgery is elective (AKA not in your medical coverage), but there are some major exceptions to the rule.

Breast Surgery

calculator and insurance formWhile cosmetic implants aren’t typically covered by insurance, they may be covered for women reconstructing breast tissue after a mastectomy. Many breast cancer survivors aren’t aware of the breast reconstruction options covered by insurance. Breast reductions may also be covered by medical insurance. If the breasts are heavy enough to cause back pain, neck pain, numbness, rashes, or other health problems, there’s a good chance the procedure will be covered.

Eyelid Surgery

Typically eyelid surgery is an elective, out-of-pocket procedure to smooth the skin, reduce bags, and remove fatty deposits around the eyes. But if you prove that the drooping skin above your eyes causes vision problems, your insurance provider may cover the cost of the procedure.

Nose Surgery

Nose jobs, more commonly known as rhinoplasties, can be medically necessary to repair breathing problems or other health conditions. If that’s the case, they’re often covered by insurance.

Medical Complications

Patients who choose a board certified plastic surgeon drastically reduce the likelihood of surgical complications. But in the event of infection or excessive bleeding, many insurance companies will cover the medical care necessary to get you back on your feet.

While many plastic surgery procedures can be covered by insurance, no two insurance companies have the same coverage. Always get a written statement from your insurance company prior to the procedure to make sure you don’t get stuck with the bill.

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