One facelift doesn’t fit all. Facelifts have been a popular cosmetic surgery for decades, giving women and men the opportunity to rejuvenate their face, remove excess skin, and restore a more youthful appearance. But many kinds of facelifts exist, giving surgeons the ability to target specific areas of the face that patients are unhappy with. Which type of facelift surgery is right for you?

The S-Lift

laughing womanAn S-Lift is essentially a “mini-facelift,” giving patients many of the benefits of a full facelift, but with reduced recovery time. Named for the s-shaped incision made by the ear, the S-Lift tightens skin on the lower part of the face, reducing the appearance of sagging jowls. Because loose skin around the jaw line is often an early sign of aging, it’s a popular choice for patients who are dissatisfied with their appearance, but aren’t ready for a full facelift.


A mid-facelift improves the appearance of the cheek area. Dr. Brantner makes small incisions in the hairline and inside the mouth. This allows him to elevate the fat pad in the cheeks, tightening sagging skin of the mid-face. A mid-facelift restores fullness to the cheeks and lower eye area, giving the patient a fresher, rejuvenated appearance.

Upper Facelift

Dr. Brantner can target specific areas of the upper face with a brow lift or eye lift procedure. A brow lift can reduce frown lines by lifting the skin and tightening muscles in the forehead and brow area. An eye lift removes excess skin around the eyes, rejuvenating the appearance and improving vision that could be impaired from drooping skin above the eyes.

Full Facelift

A traditional facelift addresses many of the issues resolved by more specific facelift procedures. A full facelift lifts sagging skin of the mid-face, removes excess skin around the jaw, addresses creases below the eyes, and smooths lines around the nose and mouth. A facelift may also involve removing fatty deposits under the eyes, chin, and on other areas of the face.

If you’re not sure which type of facelift is right for you, we can help. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Brantner to find which facelift suits your desired outcome.