pre-op faceliftWhen you reach a certain age, it seems like everyone is whispering about facial rejuvenation. Celebrities are no strangers to facelifts (good and bad), but neither are friends, neighbors, coworkers, and fellow churchgoers. If you’re trying to decide whether to schedule cosmetic surgery, consider these 4 signs you’re ready for a facelift.

  1. You’re unhappy with your appearance. Cosmetic surgery isn’t about vanity or achieving eternal youth. Plastic surgery is about feeling confident in your own skin. If you find yourself avoiding mirrors, photographs, or large events because you’re dissatisfied with your appearance, it may be time to make some changes. For many men and women, a facelift is just the confidence boost they need to start living again.
  2. Creams, collagen injections, and chemical peels have lost their appeal. When patients start smoothing the appearance of lines and creases on the face, they often begin with smaller procedures. If Botox, injectable fillers, and chemical peels are ineffective at reducing signs of aging, you may consider a more permanent facial rejuvenation procedure.
  3. You have deep lines and wrinkles. Regardless of age and plastic surgery history, some lines and creases are too deep to remove with non-surgical procedures. If you’re unhappy with the wrinkles and lines on your face, call Dr. Brantner’s office for more information about facial rejuvenation surgery.
  4. Your skin is beginning to sag. Many men and women decide to get full facelifts when the skin on their eyelids, cheeks, and jowls begin to sag. Patients who undergo face- or neck lifts before their skin loses too much elasticity will usually get better, longer lasting results.

If you’re considering a cosmetic facelift, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brantner. He’ll inform you about the benefits of full facelifts, mini in-office facelifts, and smaller procedures like eye lifts. He will then help you determine which procedures is best to achieve your ideal appearance.

photo from FreeDigitalPhotos