Once a patient chooses to have a breast augmentation, it might feel like the decisions are over. Planning plastic surgery is a personal choice that each woman must make based on her physical ideal and emotional satisfaction. However easy or difficult it is for a patient to choose breast augmentation surgery, she also needs to consider several factors in getting the results she wants.

Four Choices in Breast Implants

During a cosmetic surgery consultation, Dr. Brantner will discuss the medical procedure, educate the patient about physical limitations before and after surgery, and ask about the patient’s implant choices. Many women find it beneficial to consider their preferences beforehand. Patients must make four major decisions about their breast augmentation surgery. We will discuss size/type today and positioning/scarring next week.

  1. hangers - clothing size after implantsSize of implant. Before scheduling your surgical consultation, research your desired bust size. Dr. Brantner can make suggestions based on a patient’s height and body type, but only you know exactly what aesthetic you want. Find photos of celebrities with your desired breast size whose proportions are similar to yours. Knowing your desired cup size is also beneficial, but keep in mind that the lingerie industry has inconsistent sizing. What is a B cup at one store may be a D cup at another.
  2. Type of breast implant. In order to create a natural, beautiful look, you need to decide what type of implants you want. Saline breast plants are filled with sterile saltwater. If the implant were to burst, the body would absorb the saline from the implant. Saline implants create subtle ripples beneath the skin, which some women find unappealing. The gel in silicone implants feels more like natural breast tissue. If the implant leaks the gel will stay in the implant shell or trickle into the implant pocket, but it rarely collapses entirely. Women with silicone implants should visit their doctor regularly to ensure their implants are functioning properly. For more information about the shape and texture of breast implants, schedule a consultation.

Do you have questions about choosing cosmetic breast implants? Call Dr. Brantner’s office and stay tuned for next week’s blog.

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