Women choose breast augmentation surgery for a number of reasons, each personal and unique to the patient. Breast implants enhance the look and shape of the breasts, giving patients a fuller, more balanced appearance. If you’re considering breast enhancement surgery, consider these 3 factors in determining if you’re ready for a cosmetic procedure.

Personal Considerations

Dr. Brantner strives to give his patients fuller, natural-looking breasts, subtly enhancing their God-given beauty. A patient’s reasons are her own: she may choose breast enhancement surgery to restore breasts after weight loss, give the breasts lift and fullness after a pregnancy, or increase the size of underdeveloped breasts. Before scheduling your cosmetic surgery, determine your reasons for choosing breast augmentation. Cosmetic surgery often boosts self-esteem, but a surgical procedure should always be your decision. Never allow a loved one to pressure you into a procedure you don’t truly want.

Practical Considerations

Once you’ve decided you want a fuller bust, examine the practical considerations of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Are you in good health? Do you have adequate finances? Can you take time off from work to recuperate from your surgery? Plan ahead to ensure a quick recovery after your surgery.

Professional Considerations

woman in a breast augmentation consultationWhen choosing your physician, always do your research. Never undergo invasive surgery unless your doctor is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Before a breast augmentation, each patient is required to have a full consultation with the surgeon or his nurse. The consultation will take you through each step of the procedure and recovery, so you can decide if cosmetic surgery is right for you. Ask Dr. Brantner any questions you may have about implant size or appearance, the surgical procedure, and physical limitations during your recovery.

Once you decide to have breast enhancement surgery, there’s no need to wait. Dr. Brantner’s scheduling coordinator will work with your schedule to plan your surgery at your earliest convenience. A whole new you is just a few weeks away!

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