thanksgivingOne look outside the window reveals a splendor we can relish every day. The folks in Johnson City are blessed to live surrounded by majestic mountains, bright and sturdy trees, and clear blue skies. But our riches aren’t just outside our door; they’re inside our hearts. The Lord has blessed us with people to love, who love us in return. We’re so grateful for the reminder each year that there are people who will gladly travel half the country to share a meal. But there are also people who need us to step across the street and invite them in for the holidays.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for the amazing people God has placed in our lives. We’re eager to share our blessings with the people around us, spreading his love and light through the world. Thank you for spreading his love to us, whether with a kind word when you come for an appointment or a sweet gift for the holidays. We’re so grateful to have patients who care about us as much as we care about them.

Happy Holidays from Dr. Brantner and the entire staff at Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.