reception areaThe first step in a successful cosmetic procedure is a successful consultation. A consultation gives both you and Dr. Brantner all the information you need to get the best possible results. A consultation may include paperwork, basic medical tests, and time to discuss the procedure with Dr. Brantner.


When you arrive at Dr. Brantner’s office, his reception staff will have forms for you to fill out before your consultation. They include consent forms, medical history questions, and insurance information. Please fill each out thoroughly and accurately. These forms give Dr. Brantner and his staff the information necessary to determine the best possible procedures, safely perform plastic surgery, and help you through the recovery process. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork. If you have any questions about what to include on the medications sheet, medical history sheet, etc, feel free to ask the receptionist.

*To save time, you can print these forms, fill them out at home, and bring them to your appointment.

Check In and Consultation

After you’ve completed the paperwork, a nurse will take you to an examination room. She may ask questions about your medical history, perform basic tests, and ensure your comfort before Dr. Brantner arrives. The doctor will arrive a few minutes later. He will ask questions about your desired results, perform a physical examination, and discuss the details of the procedure with you. This may include:

  • Concerns he has about your health
  • His professional opinion about how to get the best results for your body type or face shape
  • Details about the surgery and recovery
  • Orders about pre-op health habits (no smoking, stop taking certain medications, etc)
  • Time to answer your questions about the procedure
  • Check Out

After your consultation with Dr. Brantner, you may decide to move forward with the surgery. You can schedule your procedure before you leave. The scheduling coordinator will give you any information you need about payment, blood tests, and other pre-operative details. Most blood work and surgical procedures are scheduled at ETASC on MedTech Parkway. Post-op appointments will take place at Dr. Brantner’s office.

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