Rhinoplasties are a common cosmetic procedure performed to correct symmetry, unwanted bumps, and blocked passageways in the nose. Most patients choose rhinoplasties for cosmetic purposes, but insurance may cover your surgery if you have a breathing impairment due to a deviated septum. Rhinoplasty procedures are unique because they’re as popular among men as they are among women. If you’re thinking about having rhinoplasty surgery, consider the following information as you make your decision.

Choosing a Rhinoplasty

facial rejuvenation Many patients choose rhinoplasty surgery because they’re unhappy with the size, shape, or balance of their nose. Rhinoplasties can also correct breathing difficulties caused by blocked nasal passages. Cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery increases the balance and proportions of the face by adjusting the size or shape of the nose. Good candidates for a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure are unhappy with the size or appearance of their nose. They may have:

  • Bumps, ridges, or depressions on the bridge of their nose
  • Noses disproportionate in size to their other facial features
  • Asymmetrical noses
  • A rounded, drooping, hooked, or enlarged nose tip
  • Wide, upturned, or oddly shaped nostrils

Rhinoplasty Consultation and Surgery

A surgical consultation is designed to allow Dr. Brantner to educate the patient about the procedure, discuss the aesthetic and practical goals of the patient, and answer any questions the patient may have about his or her upcoming surgery. During your rhinoplasty consultation, you should expect:

  • To discuss past surgeries, current medications, and known allergies
  • To discuss your cosmetic surgical goals and any breathing difficulties
  • For Dr. Brantner to evaluate your health and candidacy for nose surgery
  • To learn about the options for reshaping your nose
  • For Dr. Brantner or his nurse to take photographs of your face and nose, measure your features, and recommend a surgical course of action
  • To learn about the health risks, potential complications, surgery, and recovery involved in a rhinoplasty
  • To share any questions or concerns about your rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Brantner
  • To schedule your rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Brantner’s scheduling coordinator

If you’re interested in learning more about rhinoplasties or scheduling a cosmetic surgery consultation, contact Dr. Brantner’s office.

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