Breast implants are a personal choice. The opinions of the people around you shouldn’t affect which implant you choose. In the end, it’s your body, and your satisfaction is what matters. But we live in a world that glorifies unachievable beauty standards for women. It’s hard to turn a corner without overly slim, stuffed, and photoshopped women staring at you from billboards, storefronts, and websites. So how can you achieve a breast that’s full and natural without falling prey to the “bigger is always better” mentality of the media?

How Big Is Too Big?

Many people find full breasts attractive, whether they’re observing someone else or looking in a mirror. But there’s a point when large breasts cross the line into top heavy. Too large breasts can make a woman’s chest wall look broader, which tricks the eye, making a woman look heavier than she is. Using an implant that’s too large can stretch the skin, make the breasts look fake, and even cause back and neck pain down the road. But with clothing cuts, photoshopped models, and the unsolicited opinions of family and friends all calling for attention, how can a woman find the ideal breast size?

How to Find the Right Size Implant

  • woman measuring bustThere is no one size fits all. Every woman has a different shape, different measurements, and a different way she carries her body weight. So it’s impossible to say that no woman should exceed, say, 350cc implants. At your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Brantner will measure your chest wall and existing breast tissue. He will ask you questions about your lifestyle, how your body responds to diet and exercise, and your desired breast size. If you have concerns about how or where you gain/lose weight, mention them to Dr. Brantner when discussing the best breast size for your body. With decades of experience in helping patients choose their ideal breast size, Dr. Brantner has an artist’s eye for balanced body proportions and a surgeon’s knowledge of complications certain implant choices may cause. Consider his recommendations carefully. If he feels your choice of implant may have negative consequences to your health or appearance, he may advise you to find another surgeon.
  • Your lifestyle affects your implant choice. You may think that because you have a similar weight and body shape to a friend, you’ll need the same size implants. But a variety of factors affect which implant size is right for you. Your body type is one factor, but so is your level of physical activity, your job, and what you hope to get out of the surgery. A bodybuilder, for example, may choose smaller breast implants placed under her pectoral muscles, while a freelance consultant wouldn’t need to worry about how her implants may affect on her career.
  • What’s a good guideline when choosing breast size? Shorter women with narrower chest walls should steer toward smaller implants. Taller women with broad chests sometimes need larger implants to balance the proportions of their bodies. Women who are active should consider smaller implants, since larger breasts can become cumbersome during frequent, intense physical activity.

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