Breast augmentation surgery gives women the opportunity to choose a breast size that will flatter their figure, improve their self-esteem, and enhance their overall appearance. Choosing breast implants is a personal decision. Some women may only want a small increase in breast tissue, while others desire a major change to the size of their breasts. During your cosmetic surgery consultation, Dr. Brantner may offer suggestions about breast implant size based on your proportions; however, your results are up to you.

Consider Your Body

women with different body typesIn today’s “bigger is better” culture, many women fall into the trap of choosing the wrong size implants for their body type. Picking implants that are too large increases the chance of complications, extends recovery time and breast discomfort, and results in too-round breasts with shiny, stretched skin. Disproportionately large implants are also more likely to put strain on a patient’s upper body and sag in the years to come. Follow the steps recommended by your physician to find the ideal implant size for your proportions.

Cup Size Doesn’t Matter

Most women consider breasts in terms of cup size, but the truth is “cup size” is an inaccurate measurement. The bra industry is inconsistent when measuring breast size. What is a C-cup in one store might be a B-cup in another. Bra stores change cup size based on band size, giving a 38C a larger cup than a 36C. In addition, a breast size that looks perfectly proportionate on an average height woman may make a shorter woman look top-heavy. When considering your cup size, look at before/after photographs of other breast augmentations. Find a woman with similar proportions to your own to make sure you get the breast size you want.

Please note: If Dr. Brantner feels a patient’s desired breast size will look disproportionate on her body, he may council smaller implants or elect not to perform the surgery.

For more information on choosing the right breast implants, call Dr. Brantner’s office.

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