woman measuring bustChoosing the correct breast implants involves careful consideration. Before a breast augmentation consult, patients are encouraged to find reference pictures of women with similar body types, consider scar placement, and think about the merits of saline vs. silicone breast implants. But there are many questions about choosing the right implants that only your physician can answer. During each consultation, Dr. Brantner educates his patient about the surgical process and provides his professional insights about the ideal breast size based on her body type.

Breast Augmentation Consult

During your pre-surgical consultation, Dr. Brantner will measure your breasts and chest, discuss your desired aesthetics, and recommend an implant size in proportion to the rest of your body. The current amount of breast tissue, width of the shoulder, chest wall dimensions, and overall frame of the body help Dr. Brantner determine what size breast implants will look both full and natural for each patient. Be vocal about your desired breast size and your reasons for choosing that size, but stay open to Dr. Brantner’s professional insights and size recommendations.

Desired Breast Size vs. Ideal Breast Size

Thanks to unrealistic Hollywood stereotypes and photoshopped visions of ideal womanhood, many women want breast implants that are too large for their frame. Although Dr. Brantner will adjust his recommended implant size based on the desire of the patient, he reserves the right to not perform augmentation surgery if:

  • He and the patient cannot agree on an implant size.
  • The patient’s chest cavity is not large enough to contain her desired implant size.
  • The size of the implants might lead to long-term complications such as tissue or muscle thinning, stretch marks, clear rippling and ridges under the skin, or re-operation.
  • The patient’s lifestyle does not suit the implant size they’ve chosen (ex: a patient who works out frequently may put too much stress on large implants)

Call Dr. Brantner’s scheduling coordinator to schedule a breast augmentation consultation at your earliest convenience.

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