Plastic surgery helps patients rejuvenate their appearance, leading to healthier bodies and more youthful looks. Surgery can solve many issues caused by age or unhealthy living, but patients must follow their doctor’s recommended health plan for the best results. Failure to prepare for surgery and recovery might mean surgical complications, trouble healing, or poor results.

Medical History

Prepare for your pre-operative paperwork and surgical consultation by knowing your medical history. Share the following information with Dr. Brantner and his nurses:

  • Allergies to food, medication, and medical supplies (such as tape or latex gloves)
  • Current vitamins and medications
  • Alcoholic units consumed each week
  • Use of tobacco
  • Previous surgeries and any complications during/after those surgeries
  • History of excessive bleeding or blood clots
  • Problems with anesthesia in the past
  • Recent dental problems (infections, invasive procedures, or complications)
  • Family medical history (heart disease, diabetes, etc)

Sharing pertinent medical information with your physician allows him to evaluate your current medications, make informed decisions about potential complications, and take necessary precautions before the procedure.

Prepare for Surgery

Before any surgical procedure, patients must:

  • patient with iv before surgeryGet lab testing and blood work at ETASC
  • Change dosage of current medications based on Dr. Brantner’s instructions
  • Avoid taking aspirin, certain natural supplements, and anti-inflammatories
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid eating, drinking, or chewing gum after midnight the day before surgery
  • Remove all watches, jewelry, nail polish, makeup, contact lenses, etc
  • Enlist a family member or close friend to hold their valuables, take them home after surgery, and care for them during the recovery period

Always follow Dr. Brantner’s pre- and post-surgery instructions to avoid medical complications, discomfort, and difficulty healing.

Call Dr. Brantner’s scheduling coordinator to book a plastic surgery consultation at your earliest convenience.

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