If you have been diagnosed with Melasma through one or more tests, it’s important not to ignore the problem any longer because it can only be effectively treated by addressing its underlying cause and not just covering up the physical aspect of this condition. Here are some simple tips on what steps may help minimize the negative impact of Melasma on your life:

Tip One: avoid wearing dark makeup. Try to keep it light and try not to use a lot of hard makeup on the affected areas.

Tip Two: try using concealer or foundation over the affected area instead of simply applying powder to it. This will hide the affected area a little bit and you can easily cover it with a little light makeup.

Tip Three: wear sunscreen every day, even during winter months when sun exposure is minimal; Melasma can only be effectively treated by addressing its underlying cause and not just covering up the physical aspect of the problem. Also wear sunscreen every day regardless of where in the world you live.

“You might be wondering how products differ from one another on the market today. Keep in mind that there are many different brands offering various formulations for sun protection to choose from based on your personal needs.”

Tip Four: ask your doctor about using topical or oral medication to control the pigment; these are safe and effective treatments with few side effects, but they may not be suitable for everyone.

Tip Five: try minimizing stress levels by finding an activity you enjoy doing that takes up a lot of time in order to reduce the amount of time spent worrying or stressing out.

Tip Six: Look for special ingredients in the skincare products you buy, especially if they are expensive. You don’t want to buy products that cost a hefty amount and then you can’t even use them.

Tip Seven: try to find a skin-care regimen that is specifically designed for melasma sufferers. There are many products on the market that can help to minimize brown patches and even skin tone.

Tip Eight: Avoid the use of certain cosmetics as they can cause irritation which may lead to increased redness or sensitivity around the affected area. Always check the product description and ingredients before buying it. We might even go further to suggest that ask your doctor before purchasing high end products. Additionally, if you’re looking for something more affordable than some high-end brand names offer, then it’s worth checking out any review sites carefully before making an investment in this area

Bottom Line

Melasma is a disease that one has to really learn how to live with. There’s no cure, but there are ways you can treat it so the symptoms don’t get worse and your skin doesn’t look as bad. Dr. Jim Brantner specializes in treating melasma at his clinic in Tennessee and he would be happy to answer any of your questions about what treatments might work best for you or if surgery may be an option for you. Get in touch today!