Whether you are a professional or a first-time user, applying fake eyelashes needs some practice to get it just right. If the application is not perfect, it can look too obvious or over the top for most people’s taste. Makeup artists from all across Hollywood have worked hard to perfect this look and have made it into their signature style of application. They have learned the tricks to apply fake eyelashes correctly.

The most common mistake people tend to make is applying too many individual lashes for a less noticeable effect, or they may end up having gaps in between each lash strip that shows the natural eyelash underneath. Today, we are going to discuss how you can get the best results for your fake eyelashes so you can avoid these common mistakes.

Go Get Those Lashes!

First things first, let’s go and get a good set of strips or clusters for your eyes. I would recommend that you try getting the individual extensions as they are less tacky than the strip ones. If you have already purchased lash sets with glue and did not like them, then you can apply these glue-less ones instead. Here are some tips for applying fake eyelashes on your own.

Note: Be sure to remove your makeup and clean off with a makeup remover before taking care of your lashes.

  • Apply the adhesive only along the eyeliner, as shown in the video above. This is to avoid a messy-looking application and also making sure that your glue does not seep out of the lash cluster and onto your eyelid, which can look unsightly.
  • Peel off the first lash that you wish to apply from its plastic covering and press down lightly on the fake lashes’ base (the strip of the lash) along your natural lash line. Just like above in the video, only apply the glue on your base and press them against your natural lashes. Do not apply any adhesive near your outer eyelid as you will need to work with it later.
  • Using a clean mascara wand or cotton bud, curl up against each individual lash. This can help you to avoid clumping them together, which may not look as natural and pretty as you would like it to be on your eyes.
  • Now comes the time where you can decide whether to leave the eyelash extensions just as they are or add a bit of mascara for extra volume and length before applying the next lash. Remember to choose a similar color that matches your natural lashes. I would recommend doing it this way for the first set of eyelashes, and then you can go on to apply another different colored mascara if you wish or even use false lashes without adding any mascara at all. Just stick with one style of application as you feel most comfortable working with it, especially if it is your first time.
  • Apply the next lash along your natural lashes, but remember to apply only the glue on its base as you did before (not near your inner-eye corner). Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of the lashes are applied to both eyes.
  • If you wish for a more dramatic look, you can go on to apply false lashes and keep them for a couple of days or longer without cleaning the glue. This is because it is easier to remove the lashes from your eyes if you have applied some mascara onto them first. To avoid getting the mascara all over your face, nose, and cheek areas before applying your next lash set, remember to close your eyes tightly when you are washing off the mascara with a clean makeup remover.


There you go! You should now be able to apply fake eyelashes like a pro and also avoid ending up looking like a clown. Just remember to choose the right kind of lashes for you, whether it is for an extravagant night out or just to change your look on any other day.

If fake eyelashes don’t work for you, Dr. Jim Brantner MD. can help you with cosmetic surgery. Get in touch with us today!