Why You Should Consider Plastic Surgery

There are many reasons why men and women of all ages choose to have plastic surgery. Oftentimes, plastic surgery is a want rather than a need. The want for plastic surgery may stem from an underlying insecurity an individual has within themselves. Or maybe, they just want to fit in with a group or feel more masculine or feminine. Whatever the desire, it is an important decision to consider.

Plastic surgery gives you the option to achieve a physical look that you’ve never been able to achieve on your own. Whether you want a proportional figure, a distinguished nose, a voluptuous bust, or even a smoother face, you may want to consider plastic surgery for peace of mind and satisfaction with your body.

Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

You can get cosmetic plastic surgery on virtually any part of your body. The most common types of plastic surgery procedures include areas of the body, such as:

● Buttock lift
● Liposuction
● Nose reshaping
● Lip augmentation
● Microdermabrasion
● Vaginal rejuvenation
● Laser skin resurfacing
● Botox injections & fillers
● Laser treatment of leg veins
Breast lift, augmentation, or reduction

Advantages of Plastic Surgery

When your body is finally where you want it to be, it helps boost your confidence and self-image. Looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good, it also makes you look good. Owning your look and power gives you the confidence to achieve anything.

Improved Mental Health
When you’re more confident, it shows in your mental health. Your physical surgery has improved your mental outlook on life. Maybe you have less social anxiety and want to get out more. Positive changes in your body can affect every aspect of your life; maybe you can finally have that girls’ night with your friends or take on a challenge with your buddies.

Enhanced Physical Health
Depending on your plastic surgery, it might improve your physical health in addition to your outward appearance. For example, a rhinoplasty (reshaping of the nose) could change your breathing for the better. A breast reduction could alleviate back pain associated with the weight of having large breasts.

Personal & Professional Growth
Once you feel more attractive and confident, you have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. You’ve learned more about yourself and what you can handle. Especially in the professional world, people will perceive you as more powerful and deserving of an opportunity. After a successful procedure, you may recognize other benefits from it that you never imagined would be possible.

Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures are fairly pricey. People often take out personal loans to pay for them. But if you’ve had plastic surgery on your mind for a while, it may be helpful to start saving a little money here and there. Depending on the medical facility that performs your procedure, you may be able to set up a financing program.
Health Risks
As with any surgery, there is always the chance of something going wrong. Even if the surgery is medically necessary, there is a chance for mistakes and even death to occur during or after surgery. Patients react differently to anesthesia, and your health history is also something to consider before deciding to get plastic surgery.

Unmet Expectations
Have you ever said something out loud, only to find it sounded better in your head? Plastic surgery tends to work the same way. You may have a vision of what you expect to look like after your facelift, breast enlargement, or liposuction. The doctor removes the bandages, and what you see is not what you want. For best results, talk with your doctor to make sure they understand exactly what you expect and what they can realistically deliver.

Recovery Time
After your surgery, your mobility will likely be limited for at least two or three weeks. Depending on your procedure, it may be longer. Keeping this in mind, if you really want the surgery, you’ll need to prepare to have someone at home with you for an extended period. You can’t expect to be up and back to normal the next day.

Potential Complications

● Scarring: For most cosmetic procedures, the chance of scarring is not an option. However, surgery of any kind typically results in some form of scarring. Scarring is most evident in tummy tucks.
● Infection: Doctors take the risk of infection very seriously. However, sometimes it occurs when patients ignore their postoperative care. Infections are very common in patients who undergo breast augmentation.
● Nerve damage: If you experience numbness or tingling after plastic surgery, you may have nerve damage from your procedure. Nerve damage is also very common in patients who have undergone breast augmentation. About 15% of women experience permanent nerve damage in their nipples.


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