Dr. Brantner has a new special for the month of May–15% off botox, juvederm voluma, and juvederm smiling womanvolbella! These non-surgical procedures may be similar, but they provide patients with different results. Let’s take a look at what these injections do!

Botox, perhaps the most well-known of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, is primarily used to improve the appearance of frown lines. This procedure is designed to help smooth out wrinkles between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes, and forehead wrinkles. An injection usually lasts about three months, but after regular injections, results begin to last longer. Botox is also FDA approved to treat migraine headaches.

Juvederm is primarily used to treat smile lines, which look like parenthesis that open around the mouth. It is also used to fill in scars and hollow places in the face. Juvederm voluma is used to add volume and lift cheeks, while Juvederm volbella is used to plump, smooth, and augment the lips, to correct smoker’s lines, and to fill in scars and hollow places in the face, including acne scars. These treatments usually last about a year.

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