Many people get plastic surgery because they feel self-conscious about their appearance. However, it’s important to remember that plastic surgery is not a miracle reconstructive surgery! While it can do a lot for your self-esteem and appearance, our patients must reach a healthy weight before attempting most plastic surgery procedures.

If this is news to you, keep reading! In this post, we’re debunking some of the most common plastic surgery myths as well as what it can (and can’t) do for you. With over 34 years of experience, the team at Dr. Brantner M.D. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery knows the facts and what you can expect from plastic surgery in Johnson City, TN.

1. Plastic Surgery Can’t Help You Lose Weight

The purpose of plastic surgery isn’t to help you lose weight; in the end, it is only a cosmetic procedure. This is just one of many myths about weight and plastic surgery. Plastic surgery does not (and will not) help with weight loss, but liposuction and breast reduction surgery can take care of fat cells in areas that won’t budge, even with diet and exercise.

2. Liposuction Doesn’t Last Forever

Unfortunately, while many of the surgical procedures we do can last indefinitely (such as breast implants), not all of them do. Liposuction and Botox are excellent examples of temporary cosmetic surgery procedures that we offer.

The amount of time that liposuction lasts varies depending on how well you take care of yourself during recovery and beyond. For example, if you continue to lose weight or maintain your current weight after a liposuction procedure, the results can last for years. However, if you experience weight gain and don’t commit to a healthy diet and exercise routine after the liposuction procedure, the fat can grow right back.

For procedures like Botox, you don’t need to do anything differently to maintain the effects, but they will naturally fade on their own over time.

3. It’s Not Better to Lose Weight Before Surgery

While you must be at a healthy weight to receive many plastic surgery procedures, that advice comes with some caveats. While you must not be exceedingly overweight, it’s more important to be at a stable weight than it is to be at your “goal” weight. Many people work hard to lose weight before their procedure, then “rebound” after their breast augmentation or liposuction, and gain the weight right back.

If possible, avoid gaining extra weight after your procedure. You can always lose weight after your procedure, but gaining weight after can leave you with stretched skin and returning fat deposits. So, in the end, if you think you’d be at risk of a rebound, losing weight before surgery may not be for you.

Have you been considering plastic surgery? Maybe you’ve been wondering about how these myths about weight and plastic surgery might affect you? If so, don’t hesitate to contact our team of plastic surgeons at Jim Brantner M.D. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Johnson City, TN, today for advice or to set up your initial consultation. You can reach our office by calling 423-328-9000 or filling out the form on our website.