Plastic surgery tourism is a trend that’s growing more popular every day. Many patients prefer to have work done over the border, where they won’t have to worry about blowing their cosmetic surgery anonymity with a post-op trip to the grocery store. Others view plastic surgery as nothing more than a pricey souvenir to show off after a trip abroad. But the dangers of plastic surgery tourism are real. Cases of botched surgeries, difficult recoveries, and fatal complications make news headlines with startling frequency. If you’ve considered getting a quick nose job on your trip overseas, educate yourself on the dangers of getting surgery outside of the U.S.

Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism

  1. beach vacationPlastic surgery tourism complicates recovery. It may seem like a great idea to heal from a plastic surgery procedure while lounging on a beach abroad. Many vacation activities, however, can cause serious complications to a patient’s recovery. Even relaxing on the beach exposes wounds to countless bacteria, and sun exposure darkens the appearance of scars.
  2. It’s not the bargain it seems. Although getting surgery overseas often has a lower price tag than local procedures, many patients have to shell out for fix-it procedures after returning home. Fixing botched plastic surgery is more costly than getting it done right the first time, and the results aren’t always guaranteed. In some dire cases plastic surgery tourism patients find themselves with life-threatening surgical complications and no medical support.
  3. Plastic surgery tourism patients have limited legal options. If a U.S. surgeon performs a procedure without the proper qualifications, the patient is entitled to legal reparations. When a patient undergoes surgery overseas, it’s nearly impossible to get legal recourse for surgical negligence.
  4. What you see may not be what you get. When you have surgery overseas, it’s difficult to research the qualifications of your physician. The doctor may be under-trained, inexperienced, or certified by a disreputable medical board. When undergoing a procedure as specialized as plastic surgery, patients should always choose a physician certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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