Although most patients have spent months or years considering the results of their breast augmentation, many feel both nerves and excitement in the weeks prior to surgery. It’s easy to doubt yourself, over prepare for life post-surgery, or bottle up concerns in an effort to carry on as normal. You’re in good hands with Dr. Brantner, but there are a few things you can do to make your breast rejuvenation easier.

3 Things NOT to Do Before a Breast Augmentation

  1. Bite your tongue. Dr. Brantner has spent his career giving women beautiful, natural results. But every body is different. Talking to Dr. Brantner about your breast augmentation concerns doesn’t just soothe your fears; it also may affect your end results. Be open and honest with Dr. Brantner about your ideal look, your lifestyle, and any questions you may have about the surgery or healing process.
  2. shirt shoppingGo on a shopping spree. It’s tempting to hit your favorite stores for bigger bras, bust-enhancing shirts, and flattering work dresses in the weeks before your breast augmentation. It may seem like you’re saving time, but shopping before surgery usually leads to returns, returns, returns. There’s no telling exactly how clothes will fit your body after surgery. Breast implants settle over time, giving you a subtle different shape in month five than you had the week after surgery. You’ll also spend several weeks post surgery going braless to ensure a proper settling of the implants. Trust us, you’ll have plenty of time for shopping once you’ve healed.
  3. Carry on as normal. In the weeks leading up to surgery, Dr. Brantner will give you a pre-surgical checklist to follow. He may adjust your medications, diet, or fitness routine in the weeks before your procedure. If you don’t follow his pre-op instructions, it may lead to complications during surgery or difficulty healing afterwards. But there are also day-to-day tasks to consider. Before surgery, most patients clean the house, schedule babysitters, and plan for other daily tasks they won’t be able to complete during recovery.

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