Many patients feel anxious in the days leading up to their procedure, especially if they’ve never had major surgery before. To help you feel confident the day of your procedure, we’ve put together a list of what to expect the day of your surgery.

What to Expect Before Surgery

  1. Check-in. Go to the registration desk when you arrive. A receptionist will answer questions about the preoperative process, review the information in your file, and give you any remaining consent forms to sign. You will receive your ID bracelet and be directed to the waiting room.
  2. Holding area. A nurse will arrive to take you from the waiting room to a private area where you can change into your hospital gown. The RN will verify your medical history, conditions, and medications. He or she may also perform final testing prior to surgery. Your nurse will escort you to the pre-surgical holding area where you will meet your surgical team.
  3. marking for surgeryAnesthesiologist interview. Prior to surgery, you will meet with your anesthesiologist, who will ask questions that determine the type and dosage of anesthesia administered. Tell your anesthesiologist if you have experienced nausea due to anesthesia in the past. You will be asked to sign an anesthesia consent form. Your anesthesiologist will monitor you during the procedure to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  4. Final discussion with Dr. Brantner. Before surgery, you will meet with Dr. Brantner. He will confirm your procedure and mark you for surgery. If you have not already done so, you will be asked to sign a surgical consent form.
  5. Surgery. The anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia, and you will be taken to a clean, equipped room for surgery. The medical team will monitor you closely throughout the procedure. After surgery, you will be taken to a Post Anesthesia Care Unit where nurses will monitor you until you are fully awake. The friend who accompanied you for surgery will pick you up in post-op, receive any final care instructions from the medical team, and take you home.

Have questions about your cosmetic procedure? Call Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery or ask Dr. Brantner during your cosmetic consultation.

Marking for Plastic Surgery