Why Botox Treatment Attracts People?

In our age of super-busy lifestyle, it’s not a surprise to have many people looking for some quick way at the same time, no matter if they’re women or men. Botox treatment is one of the most famous cosmetic procedures, and it’s already quite common to see ads on TV or billboards, such as “Botox: It’s the only treatment that guarantees a visible result”, for example.

But what is Botox Treatment? What can people do with this method? If you’re interested in these questions, you’re in the right place.

What is Botulinum Toxin?

Botulinum toxin, also called Botox, is a neurotoxin that botulinum (the bacteria responsible for botulism) produces. This means it has an inhibitory effect on the nerves’ ability to trigger muscle contractions by preventing acetylcholine release at the neuromuscular junction. In very simple words, it reduces the ability to make facial expressions, thus making our faces more relaxed and less expressive.

There are different ways for this product to be administered: by injecting it with a needle under your skin’s surface (which is called intramuscular injection ), or through orally-consumed capsules. The latter is not used as often, because the effects begin to appear in about 24 hours and they disappear within 3-4 months.

The first thing people do is to start with a consultation, where your dermatologist will measure the muscles that are causing you problems, then he or she will guide you through the whole process until the end, which is a follow-up visit.

The aim of Botox injections is to reduce muscle activity in unwanted areas, but there’s more than that: it also reduces muscle pain and spasms, which makes it really effective against migraines. In some countries, this treatment can replace surgery for severe sweating problems (Hyperhidrosis).

How Effective are Botox Injections?

For the first three days, you may feel a little bit of muscle weakness in your injected area. But this situation is temporary, and after that period, there are no side effects at all.

The results begin to appear after four days, but they become even more evident within ten days. If you’re not sure if you should choose this method, you can do the “touch up”, which consists in injecting more Botox when necessary.

With constant usage (3-4 times a year), this method guarantees an improvement between 30% and 50%. It’s not recommended to use it for more than five consecutive years, because your body adapts itself to the effects of this method.

How Long Does It Take for the Injection Site to Heal?

This depends on the individual, as everybody heals differently. But the injection site should be gone after a few days. It’s not recommended to apply make-up and do sports in the days following the injection.

What Does Treatment Consist Of?

The most common areas where Botox is applied are between eyebrows, forehead, and crows feet (around your eyes). These areas become thinner with time, which makes it harder for expression lines to disappear.

Botox injections can be applied in vertical lines, chin dimples, and neck bands. This list is not exhaustive, but you get the idea. If a dermatologist recommends a Botox treatment for one of these areas, definitely go for it! You won’t regret it. You might have some trouble swallowing, all-over muscle weakness, some vision problems, and excessive sweating but all of it is temporary. Some neck pain is also expected but it can be treated easily by your healthcare professional using muscle relaxants. Some people also report that they have some trouble breathing right after the botulinum toxin therapy.

This method is ideal to have a smooth skin texture because it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. In other words, it makes your face more beautiful!

Do Older People Benefit From Botox Treatments?

Definitely! It’s not a cosmetic treatment, but a preventive one. Its effects are completely reversible and there are no serious symptoms, which means you don’t have to worry about anything! They can get rid of facial wrinkles, severe forehead lines, severe frown lines.

Is Botox Treatment Safe?

Of course! This method has been used for more than 10 years and it doesn’t have major side effects. However, people who take neuromuscular blockers should avoid this treatment, since they can make the effects of these blockers last longer.

Botox injections are recommended by dermatologists for 15 years old, but they can be applied to people who are younger too. If you’re interested, make sure the specialist is someone experienced and that they’ll provide you with information about how to take care of your skin after treatment (there’s no need to buy expensive creams, just use some SPF on your face). Always check off the label Botox before using it.

Botox Can Help Treat Migraine Headaches

Although this method is normally used for cosmetic purposes, it can have great effects on your headache situation. In fact, some dermatologists recommend it to their patients with chronic migraines, so they won’t have to take medication anymore! According to a study published in ” Headache magazine “, the pain is reduced after the first injection and it disappears completely in 80% of the patients.

Many people are afraid of its results because they don’t want to have a frozen face. But the truth is that only muscles are affected by Botox, so everything else remains completely natural. After all, wrinkles don’t feel pain!

Botox Cosmetic Benefits.

According to clinical trials published in “Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery”, Botox injections can be used as a preventive measure against wrinkles. So, they don’t only improve the appearance of your face, but also make it younger and healthier.

Can I Regain My Facial Expressions if I Stop Using Botox?

You will never lose your facial expressions as long as you stop using botulinum toxin. In fact, its effects are completely reversible, so if you don’t like how it looks on you or simply don’t want to use it anymore, just quit! The effects will disappear within four weeks.

Any Side Effects?

The most common side effects are bruising, allergic reactions, swelling, and redness. But these conditions are not dangerous at all… they’ll disappear within a few days! Apart from this, some people can be allergic to the product. If you think that could happen to you, just check with your doctor if you have medical conditions and this cosmetic treatment is right for you. If you have frequently had trouble breathing, or general muscle weakness, or any asthma symptoms, steer clear.

People with muscle or nerve conditions, an overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, nerve disorders, cervical dystonia, and severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis should also try to avoid it. If you use blood thinners then you might face some more bruising than normal.

If you stop using Botox your wrinkles will return after a few months. There’s no better time than now to make an appointment! After all, only healthcare professionals are able to tell you if it’s the right time to use Botox or not.

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