holiday facial rejuvenationEveryone wants to look their best for holiday pictures. Whether that means Botox, a chemical peel, or a facelift varies patient to patient. Dr. Brantner and his staff are here to help you find your inner confidence this holiday season. If you’ve been contemplating a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure, here’s what you need to know about looking your best for the holidays.

Schedule Your Surgery

The holidays may seem distant right now, but Thanksgiving is only a month away, and Christmas will arrive before you know it. Look your best for Christmas parties and Thanksgiving supper by planning any cosmetic treatments well in advance. If a chemical peel is on your pre-holiday to-do list, remember that skin may appear red and irritated for 24-48 hours after the procedure. Patients may also need several days to see the full effects of Botox and injectable fillers. Cosmetic surgery requires a more extended recovery time and may hinder your ability to haul 10 lb turkeys out of the oven. If you’re planning a facelift or body rejuvenation procedure, ask Dr. Brantner’s scheduling coordinator how much recovery time you’ll need before diving into the holidays.

Holiday Scheduling

If you’re planning cosmetic surgery around the holidays, book as far in advance as possible. For some women the holidays are an excellent time to take an extended leave from work and recuperate from surgery. For other women, the holidays are full of holiday shopping, days of cooking, and kids on vacation from school. Plan your holiday surgery at a time that’s convenient for your schedule, keeping in mind you may need 3-5 days of recovery time and an additional few weeks without heavy lifting.

Want an extra boost of confidence for the holidays this year? Schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Brantner and reveal the you you know you can be.

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