Ever wondered if you could have thinner or well-toned thighs? If yes then you’re not alone. There are thousands of people that undergo a cosmetic procedure known as a thigh lift just for this purpose. A thigh lift procedure removes excess fat, tightens skin, and reshapes the inner and upper thighs. Many people that face aging, weight loss, and simply just gravity have to deal with the sagging and wringing of their thighs. A thigh lift can solve all these problems and boost your confidence.

After a thigh lift, you will never be embarrassed to wear shorts or a bikini. This cosmetic procedure is quite simple as compared to breast lift and effective when it comes to the desired results. Oftentimes there are very minimal and concealable scars that are so minute that they are not even visible.

What is a thigh lift?

A thigh lift or thighplasty is the process by which excess body fat is removed from inside or throughout. Typically it is used when weight gain is attempted during barisocoma unless it causes an excessive mass in your upper body. Liposuction also assists in recontouring the inner thigh and setting the loose skin back. The procedure itself is harmless and can really change the appearance of your body and give you the yoga legs that you have always wanted. There are different types of thigh lift surgeries like inner thigh lift surgery, vertical thigh lift surgery, and medial thigh lift surgery.

The different types of thigh lift

Thigh Lift procedures can be performed on individuals using a variety of technology. The differences are in size and shape for incisions intended for removing excess skin and fat. The inner thighs are targeted to match the overall thigh shape and its effects include weight re-training and loosening hair that reduces skin elasticity. This modification of tibia lifting involves simply a thin scar in the groin’s back area. In a Bilateral Thigh Lift, the “Outer Thigh Lift” is used for the tightening of the lower legs. Medial knee lifts remove excess skin on upper legs. Thigh Lifts have very modest results without scarring and are generally a minor cosmetic procedure.

Benefits of a thigh lift

There are quite many benefits of a thigh lift and most of them are obviously cosmetic. With an improved look and a boost in confidence, the world is yours.

Some of the benefits of thigh lift are:

Weight loss and smooth Thighs

A thigh lift while improving the outside of the thighs also works its magic on the inside. All of the excess skin and fat is removed and the sagging skin too, which means that it helps in weight loss significantly. This results in more smooth and well-shaped thighs that everyone wants. The remaining skin is tightened and can not really be distinguished.

Improves self-confidence

Your self-confidence is key in living a successful and fulfilling life. If you’re constantly worried about the shape or size of your thighs, it can be difficult to be fully confident. You will wear long pants and never be seen in a bikini or a swimsuit. A thigh lift solves this problem for you with ease. As it significantly improves the shape of your thighs, you will have the self-confidence of wearing whatever you want and whenever you want.

Removes rashes

Thighs are usually under a lot of pressure. We sit on them, wear pants almost all the time, and they never usually get the time to take a breather. This causes rashes and bumps to appear on the inner and outer thighs. After getting a thigh lift, you can tell these rashes goodbye and say hello to a more even and smooth skin on your thighs.

Removes cellulite

When fatty tissue pushes up against the connective tissue in your thighs, cellulite develops over it. This dimpled-looking skin doesn’t bother your health much, but most people don’t want it on their bodies. A thigh lift removes all this cellulite and shapes your skin and the fat under your thighs into place. This means that you don’t have to worry about cellulite coming back any time soon.

What is postoperative care for a thigh lift?

Surgical removal requires bandaging incisions as well as slits to prevent blood from accumulating. When incisions are made it is necessary to use compression to keep the wounds closed. The stairs can be uncomfortable but you can walk at leisure to let blood circulate freely. Swollenness will subside two weeks after being diagnosed and swelling will decrease over time slowly, but it can disappear during the first few weeks. Symptoms like fatigue and infection are possible and may occur at any time. The recovery period may last anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks following surgery.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is no joke. One can be left with serious scars if the plastic surgeon makes a mistake. To avoid this, you must choose your cosmetic surgeon very carefully and vigilantly. You should make sure that the plastic surgeon you’re choosing is board certified and has at least 20-25 years of experience under his belt. Not only this, you must ask for the pictures of the people who have undergone a similar procedure. This helps you decide whether you want the procedure done or not as it helps you get a more grounded answer in what is achievable.

Dr. Jim Brantner is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Johnson City, Tennessee. He has years of hands plastic surgery experience and has helped countless individuals achieve the youthful appearance they truly desire. Get in touch with us today to book a consultation and get the thighs you’ve always dreamed of.