Plastic surgery allows men and women to reinvigorate their self-confidence and reveal their ideal selves. Some patients, however, choose plastic surgery for the wrong reasons. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, use these questions to determine if plastic surgery is right for you.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Plastic Surgery

  • medical history formWhy are you considering plastic surgery? If you want to change an aspect of your appearance, boost your self-confidence, or treat yourself to a procedure you’ve always wanted, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. If you feel pressured to undergo plastic surgery by the media, a loved one, or low-self worth, you should not schedule a cosmetic procedure.
  • Is there a specific feature you want to change, or are you simply looking to feel better about yourself? Plastic surgery can improve your appearance in specific ways — like reshaping your nose, smoothing facial wrinkles, making your breasts bigger or smaller, or removing excess skin — but it won’t eliminate deep rooted self-esteem issues.
  • What are your expectations? The majority of cosmetic surgery patients have realistic goals in mind when speaking to their surgeons. Some patients, however, expect to walk out of the operating room with the perfect body. Before choosing plastic surgery, determine if your goals are realistic.
  • Is your health at risk? Before undergoing surgery, make sure you meet the basic health criteria for the procedure. Nearly all surgeons require smokers to quit for several weeks before and after any procedure. If you’re unwilling to do so, plastic surgery is not right for you.
  • Have you found a doctor you can trust? Before scheduling a consultation, research your plastic surgeon’s education, medical history, and board certification. At your first consultation, make sure you feel comfortable discussing your surgical needs with your physician.

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