As a physician, Dr. Brantner promotes informed decisions and continuous education. His board certification dictates that he complete yearly training to stay current on the latest surgical techniques, prescription information, and medical information available. But he strives for more than just personal expertise; Dr. Brantner wants to give everyone the opportunity to educate themselves about healthcare issues that may affect them. He’s achieving that goal with Go To Pills, an interactive website that allows, doctors, patients, and pharmacists to educate themselves about the FDA-approved and common off label uses of drugs.

Off Label Drugs

Most people would be surprised to learn that roughly 60% of doctors prescribe off label drugs without knowing the drug uses are not FDA approved. The majority of drug information, both published and shared online, is provided by drug companies that are not required to share whether their most common uses are FDA approved. 80% of drugs are frequently prescribed for off-label uses. The lack of unbiased information regarding approved drug uses can obscure potential adverse events, leading to problems for patients and possible legal difficulties for healthcare providers.


go to pills logoGoToPills provides doctors, patients, and pharmacies with quick, reputable information about the approved and off label uses of drugs, as well as any side effects.  A simple search provides information on the uses, side effects, adverse event reports, and litigation alerts associated with each drug. Doctors can download an informed consent report that guides them through the process of explaining to patients why an off label drug may be the best treatment for a patient’s condition. Doctors who want to learn more about the side effects of particular medications, ongoing litigation issues, or reactions of off label medications with other prescriptions can follow the information sourced on each page.

Want to learn more about Dr. Brantner’s work on GoToPills? Visit our website, download the smartphone app from the Apple store, or ask his staff about off label drug usage at your next office appointment.