Plastic surgery helps men and women boost their confidence by making small physical changes to their face or body. But because of the high expectations most patients have for their new look, some may feel uncomfortable in their new skin. While it is possible for a patient to need follow-up surgery, most negative emotions are a temporary result of unrealistic expectations. So how can you guarantee that you love the new you?

4 Ways to Ensure that You Love Your Results

  1. smiling nurseHave realistic expectations. Plastic surgery is an amazing medical advancement, and in the hands of a skilled, certified surgeon, you can achieve the look of your dreams. But if you expect perfection, you’ll be disappointed at best. At worst? You’ll get more plastic surgery, but never feel satisfied. Understand the limitations of your procedure if you want to fall in ‘love at first sight’ with the new you.
  2. Understand the point of plastic surgery. Will a facelift give you smoother skin and a more youthful appearance? Yes. Will it make you happier? Maybe not. Plastic surgery changes your appearance, not your mental or emotional health. If you need a boost of confidence by minimizing wrinkles or reshaping your nose, go for it. But realize that plastic surgery won’t fix low self-esteem, marital problems, or other issues in your life.
  3. Give yourself time to heal. Yes, your doctor may have taken out your stitches, but that doesn’t mean your body is finished healing. It can take several months for the procedure to “settle” and the body to fully heal.
  4. Prepare for an adjustment period. Humans are creatures of habit. You may have been dreaming about a breast augmentation for a decade, but your mental self-image has small breasts. Many patients are surprised to find themselves feeling strange when they look in a mirror after surgery. Don’t panic. Just like your body needs time to heal, your brain just needs time to adjust to the new you.

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