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Clearing the Smoke - Jim Brantner MD Clearing the Smoke - Jim Brantner MD

quit smokingWhen most smokers light up, they’re fully aware of the health risks involved. The Center for Disease Control, the American Heart Association, and parents across the country have made it their mission to educate smokers about the ramifications of the tobacco habit. Throat cancer and lung cancer are the most serious health risks involved, but recent studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have proven the aging affects of smoking as well.

Premature Aging

Smoking restricts the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your skin, causing it to dry, swell, and sag. Although the most severe smoking lines appear around the mouth, smoking has been linked to wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, cheekbones. Other studies suggest that smoking may cause weight gain, skin discoloration, and even premature sagging of the breasts. Premature aging due to smoking is treatable through cosmetic surgery, but because of the dryness, thinning, and lack of elastin in smokers’ skin, the effects are difficult to eradicate entirely. The best way to retain a youthful appearance is to nix the smoking habit once and for all.

Surgical Risks

A certified plastic surgeon will always notify patients about the risks of smoking before and after surgery. Smoking decreases the flow of oxygen in your bloodstream, causing health risks like infection, poor wound healing, and scarring. Patients who smoke in the weeks before and after an invasive procedure have a much higher risk of surgical complications than non-smoking patients.

Make a commitment to your health and appearance. If you need help to kick the smoking habit, consult a medical professional.

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