In the world of camera phones and social media, selfies are on the rise. People spend more time looking at their faces, and a growing number of patients focus on one target area: the lips. Whether you like puckering up for the camera, duckfacing on Facebook, or you’re simply looking for the smile of your dreams, lip augmentation procedures can help you achieve the look you want.

Loving Your Lips

woman with full lips smilingLip augmentation is the second fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the United States. And it’s not just for female patients. Last year plastic surgeons performed a total of 27,449 lip augmentation procedures (that’s one every 19 minutes). And statistics show that men are becoming more and more comfortable with maintaining their appearance with the use of injectable fillers and cosmetic surgery. Scheduling a lip augmentation or lip injection allows men and women to subtly alter the appearance of their face. It’s popular for younger patients seeking a plumper mouth, as well as for older patients who want to look more youthful, but are not ready to commit to facelift surgery.

Lip Augmentations vs. Fillers

Injectible fillers have been a popular lip treatment for several years now, giving patients a temporary boost in the fullness of their lips. While the temporary nature of injections is a draw for some, other patients are happy with their new lips, but dislike the maintenance of their new look. For those patients, lip augmentations make an appealing solution. Lip augmentations, much like breast implants, are a safe, permanent, but reversible cosmetic procedure. Lip implants are made from soft, flexible silicone. Newer implants come in a variety of sizes, allowing the patient to choose one that will fit the shape and symmetry of their face. Lip augmentation procedures have minimal recovery time, with minimal bruising and only a few stitches to heal. As with any other cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s important to find a board certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.

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Full Lips