Nobody likes filling out forms. It feels like a chore to show up 30 minutes early, only to sit in an uncomfortable chair in the waiting room checking endless boxes. Well, at Dr. Brantner’s office we’ve provided more comfortable chairs and an easier way to fill out your medical forms. Why are medical forms so important?

What to Know about Medical Forms

medical formsWe do our best to keep your paperwork to a minimum, but medical forms are necessary for your health and protection. When you make an appointment with Dr. Brantner, you’ll need to read and sign these forms:

  • Financial Policy (ensures that patients understand copays, insurance, and their financial responsibilities)
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive (information about patients’ rights to make their own healthcare decisions)
  • Consent for Photography (allows Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to take photographs when necessary for a procedure)
  • PHI Consent (Information regarding the privacy of your protected health information)

You’ll also need to fill out the following forms:

  • New Patient Intake/History (gives our healthcare professionals necessary information regarding your health, medical history, and family history)
  • Registration Info (Personal and insurance information of the patient)

Tips for Filling Out Medical Forms

  • Save time by downloading your medical forms from our website, filling them out at home, and bringing them with you to your appointment.
  • If you cannot fill out your forms prior to your appointment, arrive early so you have time to do so before your scheduled appointment.
  • Read each form thoroughly before signing.
  • Notify our office about current medications (including how frequently you take them), as well as over-the-counter drugs and vitamin supplements, which can affect healing.
  • Know your health history and family medical history before your appointment.
  • Double check your health information for accuracy before we add it to our records.

Have a question about the importance of medical documents, what to expect at your appointment, or how to schedule a cosmetic consultation? Call Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Johnson City, TN.

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