It’s difficult to believe that another holiday season has already come and gone. 2015 is upon us, and if you’re anything like the rest of the world, you’ve already written a list of ways to better yourself for the new year. If you need a little help getting started this January, we’ve compiled these 5 resolutions for more beautiful year.

Beauty Goals for 2015

  1. healthy female patientLook within. Having the body of your dreams won’t create happiness. Plastic surgery allows patients to improve their self-confidence and achieve their ideal look, but it’s only worthwhile if a patient’s self-perceptions outweigh the opinions of others. Make a concerted effort to love yourself – internally and externally – this year.
  2. Stop smoking. Smoking is proved to age the skin, slow healing, and cause weight gain. If you want a healthier body and a more youthful appearance, nicotine is the first habit you should kick this year.
  3. Love your skin. Preventing a problem is better than fixing one. Preserve the smoothness, youth, and elasticity of your skin by implementing a proper skin care routine for 2015, especially in the harsh weather of January and February.
  4. Get healthy. Healthy living isn’t about overhauling your refrigerator or hitting the treadmill every day. Small life changes like dropping an unhealthy side at dinner or parking farther away at the grocery store are more sustainable than quick lifestyle changes. Instead of burning yourself out on exercise and healthy eating by going 0 to 60 this January, start small work your way towards a healthier lifestyle throughout the year.
  5. Treat yourself. Have you been contemplating a tummy tuck since your last pregnancy? Have you always wanted a breast augmentation? Would a facelift make you feel more beautiful? Treat yourself to the face and body of your dreams in 2015. Call Dr. Brantner’s office to schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation in Johnson City, TN.

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