The era of false youth is over. Today embracing your natural mature beauty is in style. Instead of hiding behind harsh hair dyes and stark makeup, women find satisfaction in subtle rejuvenation, physical fitness, and nourishing their souls. Together, health of body and mind helps each woman achieve her own timeless charm that’s impossible to duplicate.

How Healthy Habits Delay Aging

  • mature woman smilingHealthy habits have a more powerful anti-aging effect than any make-up ever could. Protect your skin by cutting back on sugar and alcohol, which lead to premature wrinkles, sagging, and sallowness. A healthy, balanced diet fuels your body to minimize the effects of aging.
  • Staying physically active rewards women with youthful skin in addition to a fit figure. Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario recently discovered that older adults who got at least three hours of moderate-to-vigorous exercise a week had skin composition similar to that of people in their twenties and thirties.
  • When you hit the cosmetics aisle, look for skin care products with anti-aging properties. These are typically gentler and more moisturizing than standard formulas. Higher-quality products soften fine lines, brighten your skin tone, and diminish age spots. While you’re there, pick up some sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher. There’s no better way to protect the skin than by using sunscreen daily.
  • For existing age-related skin damage, plastic surgery can create dramatic improvements through subtle changes. Eyelid surgery improves the look of under eye bags and fat deposits, while a mini facelift smooths wrinkles and folds.
  • Mental health is an often overlooked aspect of women’s health, but it too plays a role in your appearance. A good part of that natural glow that twenty-somethings have comes from sheer zest for life; and that’s a trait that knows no age limit. Support your mental health by spending time with your family, investing in your church, and making time for your true passions. Doing what you love will bring a light to your eyes that gives you confidence at any age.

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